Question from a reader: non-smoking, please!

A reader writes in:

Hi Chris,

I was looking forward to traveling all around Korea when I moved to Seoul nearly 18 months ago. But I’ve had a heck of a time because I am severly allergic to smoke. This is not something that’s been easy to explain to locals, even when (trying to) use Korean words. I ellicit blank stares in places like Sokcho or they assure me that the room has been ‘cleaned’ and I still get sick. I’ve only been able to find four and five star lodgings that have genuinely non-smoking rooms (not that they use air-freshener and call it n-s), and those prices are crazy. We’ve been to Jeju, Soraksan, Busan, etc but I’d like to spend more time smaller towns and villages. Do you or your readers have suggestions? Or know of any non-smoking inns, homestays, hanok, motels or small hotels? They can be anywhere really.

Thanks for your blog in general, and any help in specific.


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