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Stupid Internet Addiction

It’s 8 am. I have been up since 5:30. Instead of going for a walk around the track outside or cleaning, or heading to yoga, or doing my TAM, or I don’t know doing the 4 billion other things I could be doing… I am on my computer.

ImageIm on my 2nd cup of coffee, Eunee wants to play, and I am researching stupid CSS code. Agh. (how do you change the font/color/style of one widget in your sidebar?)

Every morning, before Adam gets up, I spend a good hour  or two reading blogs, people I follow (that sounds so stalkerish)

some of my favorites:

Are we getting popular yet?

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This weekend it rained, and rained. We were hoping to go camping… although that didn’t happen, we spent SO much time working on improving our blog and increasing readership.

We are now featured in many directories and doing our best to inspire others to live and embrace all of the wonderful things around them..even if it isn’t so comfortable and easy all the time.

We can be found at

do’s and don’t do’s

it was a sticky sweaty morning in Chiang Mai as we rolled out of our hotel one late August morning when the idea first sprung. “I’m cuttin my hair off”, I proclaimed to Nicole. Of course then, the reality of parting with a piece of my physical self that had been so much a part of me set in….i needed to think…so we went to McDonalds for coffee. The caffeine sided with my rational thought process which was tired of tasting melted hair wax and so I marched into the first barber I saw….and the rest was scattered on the floor 20 minutes later.

EWG Study: What You Should Buy Organic

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) recently completed its analysis of pesticide residue levels in conventionally-grown (non-organic) produce.

More recipes and great content to come!

Yes, finally our beta version of Crazy Korean Cooking and Crazy Korean Shopping have launched. Please give us feedback and ideas to improve the website. Of course many more recipes and great content will be added shortly.
Thank you for your help and don't forget to do something crazy!
-Crazy Koreans

Down a Media Rabbit Hole

Crazy Korean Shopping website opening this weekend!


Crazy Korean Shopping website is opening this weekend!

Become a CKC member to receive members-only coupons and deals.
Be the first one to purchase and receive a free gift!

Crazy Korean Cooking website Beta Launch!

Crazy Korean Cooking website Beta Launch on June 18th, 2012!
This is the soft launch of our website we've been working on for a while now. Please take a look around let us know how it is working. If you could test membership registration (user account) and let us know how it's working, it would be so helpful. All feedback, ideas and suggestions are welcome. Thanks for your visit!

The Vegg – Scramble ‘Egg’ & Tofu

The Vegg – Scramble ‘Egg’ & Tofu Recipe

The Vegg is out and tickling taste buds around the world. The Vegg looks and tastes just like a hens egg. It has a creamy texture and smells super yolky. Expect to see a lot of pictures from me using the Vegg in a variety of recipes over the next few weeks as I push the limits of this gem.

To test the Vegg I tried it in one of my favourite egg based dishes – Scrambled ’Eggs’. I have eaten scrambled tofu for breakfast before but even when it’s seasoned the same as hens eggs, it is lacking the creamy full flavor that an egg yolk offers.

CARE UPDATE: A Monk, A Dog, and an Axe

Drunk monk kills dog with an axe

This story can be found on the CARE website. I post it because it happened in my city, and because it has the potential to be a ground breaking case in terms of South Korea’s as yet, unenacted Animal Protection Law.

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