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5 amazing Korean stone bowl recipes

We will show you 5 amazing recipes for cooking with Korean stone bowl or hot pot. You are so ready to impress your guests!

See recipes below:

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Queer Links from the Week

An easy way to win great prizes - CKC Idea Contest

We need your ideas! Help us make the best Korean cooking products ever and win a prize.

To participate, please like our Facebook page here: Then, leave your answers to the following under the contest post on the Facebook page.

1. What kind of Korean ingredients, sauces or products (whether it exists now or not) would really help you cook and enjoy Korean food better?

2. What qualities should it have to make it worth buying?

Queer Links from the Week

VU in Beijing, China

VU in Beijing China

 As is often the case, you can find scrumptious vegan meals in every corner of the world, and China is no exception. Granted, I was nervous about going to Beijing knowing that the international dish of China was duck drenched in lard, and not speaking a lick of Chinese beyond ‘hello’, ‘thank-you’ and ‘beer please’, I had my work cut out for me.

I stayed in the Hutongs of old Beijing in a quant cosy backpackers aptly called On the City Walls. The snow had suppressed the worst of the pollution and the closure of factories over Lunar New Year meant smog was at an all time low. Even so, the streets echoed of celebratory fireworks day and night and the smoke of incense could be seen beyond the temple walls.

New episode is up: amazing soup paired with the Harlem shake

Don't miss the new episode - amazing soup paired with the Harlem shake!
Click here for the recipe.

Queer Links from the Week

New Recipes: Bibimbap Sauce

Who are Koreans?

-By Brad Lewis, CKC guest blogger

Source: brought us Kimchi, killer BBQ, taekwondo, and now… “Gangnam Style.” But who are these Far Eastern folk, known as Koreans? I must confess I am a Caucasian North American, so chances are mine is a sketchy grasp of basic world geography - let alone history. And I am almost certainly a simpleton as to the real cultural distinctions and rich diversity within the once labeled “Orient.” Yet, ironically, there’s more “asian” in my racial title than in the name Korean. Fitting, in a way. For Asian though they are, Koreans have a place, history, culture and yes, style, all their own.

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