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Queer Links from the Week: Seoul District court ruled cancelling of military exemption illegal, homosexuals destroying the constitution?

In regards to a transsexual who had not undergone surgery but was given exemption from military service, the Seoul District court ruled that cancellation of military exemption is illegal. However, this also falls under the jurisprudence of the military law, so way beyond my Korean language/law abilities.

There is a great article on being queer in North Korea over NK News. Something we don't get to hear about much.

Queer Links from the Week: Legality of Gay Sleeping Rooms, The Good Young Man, and Gays in the Fashion Industry

Once again all the news from this week is in Korean... I hope my tiny summaries give you a taste of what is going on.

A long piece in the Hankyoreh looks at an ongoing court case concerning gay sleeping rooms. Mr. K was sued for providing illegal sexual services through his business, but K and his lawyer argue that operating a sleeping room does not qualify as sex trafficking. Mr. K won in the lower courts, but the case is being appealed. If I find the time, I'll try to translate this article, but it is quite long.

Queer Links from the Week: Human rights, Korea, and mistreating AIDS patients

Not much in terms of news in English other than a Youtube video titled Because I'm Gay. However, I'll try to do a quick summary of the news stories I saw this week.

On January 6th, human rights expert Vitit Muntarbhorn visited Korea and held a forum on the Yogyakarta Principles, which stipulate the application of human rights law as it concerns sexual orientation and gender identity. He specifically brought up issues concerning the military and anti-discrimination laws.

Queer Links from the Week: Tudor's op-ed, part-time sex work, and lesbian roles for Korean actresses

Uhm Jung-hwa and Kim Hyo-jin

Queer Links from the Week: Korea struggles to enact hate speech laws, still hard for college students, and queer Korean court ladies

Se-woong Koo at Korea Expose writes how LGBT rights are under Protestant siege in South Korea, and the Korea Herald published a piece on how Korea struggles to enact hate speech laws including, of course, those that would protect sexual minorities. Although things are getting better for younger Koreans, Oh My News writes about the difficulties still facing queer college students. (Korean)

Queer Links from the Week: Thinking Society, Being Gay in South Korea, and Reconciling Identities

Not much going on in the Korean news this week other than some articles from the religious right. The Kookmin Ilbo writes about the Christian world's success in Blocking the Legalization of Homosexuality (TKQ: same-sex activity is legal in Korea...) while Christian Today includes The Threat of Homosexuality to Korean Churches as one of the top issues of 2014.

Queer Links from the Week: More News on the Human Rights Charter, the Coalition for Sexual Morality, Kim Seong-o thought Won Bin was gay, and more

While Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon has apologized for the interfering with the human rights charter, the media is of course pounding on this issue.  Lawyer Jeong Jeong-hun writes in the Hankyoreh that Park Won-soon's non-answer to the demands of gay rights and the religious right has encouraged conflict rather than working as a mediator (Korean). Others write about how the citizen process of determining the contents of the human rights charter were discarded, and how LGBT citizens still must continue to fight for their dignity.

Queer Links from the Week: Anti-gay protesters halt human rights charter, human rights activists and Jason Mraz speak up

Unfortunately, anti-gay protesters have halted the passage of a human rights charter in Seoul. Many Christian groups had opposed a clause that banned LGBTQ discrimination. To get a sense of the level of hate toward this law, check out Media Today's article where an anti-gay pastor says that homosexual sex is something not even a pig would do (Korean).

Queer Links from the Week: Gay rights opponents store City Hall, Ex-gays in Korea, and Sergeant Arrested for Homosexual Rape

On Thursday, a hearing on whether to include sexual minorities in the Seoul non-discrimination charter was cancelled when 200 gay rights opponents stormed City Hall with many of the opponents part of the Christian Council of Korea. The English article doesn't go into much detail, but Oh My News describes the scene as chaos. In other crazy things that Christians do, on the 18th there was a forum held at the National Assembly Member's Office Building to discuss repentance and confession of an ex-gay's past: "If you accept the gospel, healing is possible". Right.

40 Year Old Impersonating Females to Meet Lesbians on a Dating Site is Charged with Attempted Rape

Through a Smartphone App used by lesbians, Mr. A (45) impersonated a female to meet Ms. B (21) on March 19th. When they met in person in a parking lot in Daejon, Ms. B realized that Mr. A was really a man and after denying his advances, Ms. B sued Mr. A of blackmail and rape.

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