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Queer Links from the Week: Gay rights opponents store City Hall, Ex-gays in Korea, and Sergeant Arrested for Homosexual Rape

On Thursday, a hearing on whether to include sexual minorities in the Seoul non-discrimination charter was cancelled when 200 gay rights opponents stormed City Hall with many of the opponents part of the Christian Council of Korea. The English article doesn't go into much detail, but Oh My News describes the scene as chaos. In other crazy things that Christians do, on the 18th there was a forum held at the National Assembly Member's Office Building to discuss repentance and confession of an ex-gay's past: "If you accept the gospel, healing is possible". Right.

40 Year Old Impersonating Females to Meet Lesbians on a Dating Site is Charged with Attempted Rape

Through a Smartphone App used by lesbians, Mr. A (45) impersonated a female to meet Ms. B (21) on March 19th. When they met in person in a parking lot in Daejon, Ms. B realized that Mr. A was really a man and after denying his advances, Ms. B sued Mr. A of blackmail and rape.

Queer Links from the Week: Data looking at homosexuality in Korea, Man Convicted for Attempted Rape of Lesbian Woman, Zico Apologizes for Homophobic Lyric

Peter Fairfax argues that data suggests attitudes are slowly changing in terms of homophobia in South Korea using the World Values survey as well as some interviews with LGBT people in Korea. (I am curious, though, that he argues that Americans have become increasingly tolerant of homosexuals as neighbors while Korean numbers have been stagnant even though both figures look liked there is no statistical difference across the time period... I should really check out that data).

Queer Links from the Week: No Gay Teachers at KNU, Appointing Homophobic Pastors to the HRC, and Zico Using the F Word

The biggest queer news in Korea was definitely Korea's Nazarene University posting a job for an English teaching job that included the condition that drinking, smoking and homosexuality are not allowed. The requirements didn't stop there, but also required applicants to reveal their HIV status or if they have had a gender re-assignment surgery. The applicant also has to attend church. Doesn't look fun.

Queer Links from the Week: Protestant Church Member Faces Libel for Hate Speech, Lee Ji-hoon Visits a Transgender Bar and More

The biggest news this week was perhaps a ruling by Seoul Southern District Court where a Netizen Who Criticized a Homosexual Reporter Was Fined 5 Million Won in Damages for libel. The Netizen was a Member of a Protestant Church who Posted an Article Relating Homosexuality and AIDS in a very stupid way. I haven't seen anything in English about this ruling, so I'll try to write a post later this week summarizing the case.

Queer Links from the Week: Korea University bans anti-gay discrimination, Seoul struggling to do the same, and Kinky Boots coming to Korea

Progress for sexual minorities has made way at Korea University, which has become the First Korean unviersity to ban anti-gay discrimination on campus. This trend reflects how South Koreans Are More Accepting of LGBT Community, which you can read more about in an article from The Diplomat with data showing that Koreans have become more accepting to the idea that homosexuality may be justifiable. Of course, it is a slow process.

Queer Links from the Week: Queer Kpop, Catholics and Seoul's Mayor, and False Rumors

Whether or not Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon's 'hope' for gay marriage is sincere or a political move was discussed over at the KoreaAM, and the Korea Times is calling it a pivotal test for the mayor. Various groups reacted to Park Won-soon's message.

Park Won-soon: "Legalization of Gay Marriage Reported by Foreign Press is a Misinterpretation

Sigh. Looks like Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon is backing off from a statement that hinted at a pro-gay marriage stance. Thanks for an anonymous comment for pointing me to this article. From the Hankyoreh (translated by TKQ):

Korean Fugitive Ja Hoon Ku: A Free Man in the Philippines