Getting The Shot 5: Ulsan Museum


The Shot: This is an HDR shot of a new building in Ulsan. The main focus if this shot is not the main building itself but one of the more interesting feature of the building. The time is during the last part of the blue hour. I chose this composure to not only show off the building’s features but also to add the colour of the sky as well.

Destination: Ojukheon black bamboo forest / Gangneung city museum (Gangneung, Gangwon-do)

Gangwon-do’s east coast is full of tourist attractions – beyond the numerous beaches, I was delighted to learn of this place from Kiwi. Take a close look at this guy’s face, then stare at the 5,000 won bill (about $4.63 USD). It’s the same guy: Yulgok Yi Yi (율곡이이). Take a look for yourself (and note the black bamboo on the front):

On Display at the Trick Art Exhibit

Afternoon at the Museum

Crisp winter Saturdays lend themselves nicely to afternoons in a museum. 

Destination: Taereung and the Royal Tomb Museum (Seoul)

In my continuing quest to see every Joseon Dynasty tomb in Korea, I found my way up to Taereung - one of the few within Seoul city proper, and the place where a shiny Royal Tomb Museum can be toured as well.

Opened on December 24, 2009, the Royal Tomb Museum details the procedures of a State Funeral, a large amount of information about how the tombs were constructed, and how they were cared for after construction.

Destination: Golden Splendors - The Royal Tomb of Silla (National Museum of Korea, Seoul)

Once buried under tons of rock and dirt, this exhibition of (mostly) authentic relics from Korea's Silla Dynasty is given new life - and exhibit space - decades after they were first discovered. Dating back to the 4th and 5th centuries, they tell the stories of kings and queens, burial rituals, and the handing of power from dead to living. Since the tomb's excavation in the 1970's, there hasn't been much seen by the public.

Destination: Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Culture Hall (Daegu)

Not to be confused with the nearby Yangnyeongsi herb market (약령시, 藥令市), the Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Cultural Center (약령시한의약문화관) of the same name celebrates the centuries-long history of the market. Although there is little English to read inside the museum, there's enough English available to gain an appreciation of both the medicine and history. In fact, the Lady in Red and I found ourselves drawn in by a lot of interactive stuff I've not seen in other museums. Above is a 약요엔 (yakyoen), a tool used for grinding or squeezing herbs.

Destination: Orchid Garden / Exhibition Hall (Mokpo, Jeollanam-do)

If you're exploring Mokpo for any length of time, Yudalsan will show up on your list of places to see. The mountain area is a centerpiece of town - and there's plenty to keep you busy for at least a couple of days. The 228-meter-high isn't an overly difficult climb Although the Lady in Red and I didn't have a lot of time, we discovered the Orchid Garden / Exhibition Hall not far from the Sculpture Park on the mountainside.

It's far from a popular tourist destination, however. Get up to the garden and enjoy the views, almost entirely to yourself:

Destination: Whale Fossil Museum (Donghae, Gangwon-do)

The Donghae Whale Fossil Museum (동해고래화석박물관) is across the street from Mangsang Beach. Seemingly intended to bring in tourists in the same way the biggest ball of string might,

Destination: Ulleungdo (part 2)

If you haven't read part one yet, read it first before continuing!

Where we left off, I had gone back to my hotel to relax and freshen up. After awhile, I headed down to the harbor for some dinner (PROTIP: don't bother - it's overpriced) and see what sort of night life the locals enjoyed:

While I couldn't tell they do this every night, the trio of saxophonists seemed pretty comfortable on the harbor's stage.

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