UN Memorial Cemetery - God Bless America!

The UN Memorial Cemetery ( is one of the most memorable sites in Busan that I've been to so far.  The cemetery, dedicated to the international soldiers who gave their lives in the Korean War is next to the Busan Museum, so I was able to see both during a long afternoon.  I initially thought I was just going to pass through a cemetery with some statues and marble monoliths, but it turned out to be much more - though there are plenty of huge marble fixtures and displays. 

Damyang Bamboo Museum

After I ventured through the bamboo forest I decided it would be best to cool off in a museum. However the bamboo museum, 담양 대나무 박물관was located a bit out of town so I took a taxi instead of walking over there. In fact I was comfortable getting around the area via taxi and it was fun getting to know local people this way, along with using some Korean.

Korean Art from the United States: Special Exhibition at NMK

Japan: An Update

Hello JAPAN!  So I've been in Japan for about a day and it is great!  I have a free moment before I head over to the national museum.  I wen to Harajuku today and seriously, it's way cooler than even Gwen Stefani makes it seem.  Yes there giant Forever 21's and American Eagle shops, but the little small shops full of cute/weird/nerdy awesome things were amazing.  As of right now (and I haven't seen that much so it's not a grand assessment, but right now it is my favorite place in Tokyo.

I also got to see the base of Mt. Fuji from the train up to Tokyo, saw a huge firework festival with what felt like all of Tokyo.  Things are big and moving fast here, but I'm having a great time and meeting really nice people.  I'm really excited to write pages and pages full of stuff -with pictures-when I get back.

From Tokyo with Harajuku Love,

\^_^/ Fukuoka, Japan \^_^/

Take an adventure

With your best friends

Modern Design Museum: Hidden Gem in Hongdae

Karl Lagerfeld at the Daelim Museum

I am a big admirer of Karl Lagerfeld, from his work for Chanel to his dry sens of humor, so I was very excited to see his exhibition Work in Progress at the Daelim Museum in Seoul.

No, I’m not a French designer either. I’m from nowhere. I’m a European, old European is all I am.
Karl Lagerfeld

Terrific Taipei, Day 1

After a good few months of solid teaching work, I've finally taken a vacation.

I landed in Taipei late Monday night from Busan. My flight was fast and comfortable, and I had no problems navigating the airport. I grabbed a taxi, barely uttering my directions in (some version of) Chinese, and was on my way.

Taipei Airport
(Photo courtesy

School trips and adventures!

I’ve enjoyed a few lazy days in the last few weeks. Each year group at my school has had a field trip and the 6th graders were fortunate enough to go on a three-day field trip to Seoul, museums and theme parks. It seems to be a right of passage for 6th grade students throughout the land to make a pilgrimage to Everland, Korea’s foremost amusement park. I’m assuming Everland is the largest theme park in the world as every single school appears to send their students away in the same week. The knock-on effect for me has been various days of no lessons and a bit of desk-warming, youtube watching and winter camp preparation.

Welcome to the World of Jean-Paul Gaultier…

Have you ever visited a world where teddy bears wear cone shaped bras, men look sexy in feathered bustiers and hasidic jews are style inspirations? Welcome to the world of Jean-Paul Gaultier!

“Non-conformist designer seeks unusual models—the conventionally pretty need not apply.”
A Jean-Paul Gaultier classified recruiting models

Jean paul gaultier, gaultier, parfum jean paul gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier universe, where teddy bears wear cone bras...

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