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Vlog Entry #4: The Apartment Tour

This video takes you on a guided tour of my apartment in Ulsan, South Korea! If you’d rather read about it, check out the written post here!

My Korean Apartment

Get a Move On: A Tour of My New Apartment in Korea

As you may have gathered from my previous post, my dreams of living in a space bigger than a shoebox are finally coming true! By which I mean, of course, I moved!

Unfortunately I never really got any good pictures of my old place, but it was quite small. Bigger than a dorm room, but not by much. My "kitchen" was a microwave with a hotplate perched on top, and if I had dishes to dry I didn't have even an inch of counter space. No table, no chair, no couch, just a bed and a TV and a dresser. I'm not complaining, though; for the first place I've ever lived in without a roommate, it was quite nice. Certainly cozy in the winter!

This Could Be (one of) the Last Time(s)


The fact that I live an apartment on the twentieth floor is not news to this blog. This high position allows for a fine, if not a little post-apocalyptic at times, view of Suwon on all but the most weather beaten of days. I have grown fond of taking photographs of the many perspectives this home of ours provides.

Moving Furniture

Hello all,  can I get some advice on how to get furniture delivered or moved from one place to another. I bought a bed from someone on koreabridge and need to have it moved accross town... Any suggestions/ phone numbers/ names of who to call and how to arrange for this to happen. Or even a place I can rent a truck to move it myself.


Looking for moving company suggestions in Busan

I'll be moving from Gwangan to Namcheon soon and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a moving company for me.

I'd like to hire someone to move everything for me but I've been quoted prices (as high as 1 million) to move the contents of my studio apartment.

I have a fair amount of stuff (bed, couch, table, bookshelves, and small nik-naks), but the prices I've heard don't seem to jive with information I've read about cheap moving costs.

Suggestions would be appreciated ^^


Need help moving a couch!

I bought a couch off Korea Bridge and was given a number for a man who could pick up and deliver furniture, when I called the number I was greeted by a man that did not speak English.


I have two weeks to move this couch and am needing help to do so..


does anyone out there know of anyone who provides such a service?  or do any strong manly men want to help a lost Canadian girl with lots of bacon, whiskey, and beer in her fridge to move a couch from one side of the highway in Gaegeum to the other??


Any help would be much appreciated!!




Seamen's Club is moving to Pier 8

We would like to announce that Pier 3 Seamen's Center last business day is on Saturday, June 8th.
From thereafter, Seamen's Center will be closed.
We are also pleased to announce that the Pier 8 Seamen's Center will reopen on June 17th.
We invite you to begin joining us at Pier 8 on Monday, June 17th.
 Thank you very much.
USS Management

Korean housing laws

I plan to move out of my officetel soon. I completed my 2 year contract in February and told the building's Budongsan that I plan to move on April 9th which is more than a months notice. He told me that I need to pay him 420,000 won to find someone to move in and I can't move out until someone moves in. He also claims this to be the law but I can't find this info anywhere on the internet. Could someone please let me know if I must pay him this fee.

Task Rabbit to the rescue!

Getting to Incheon airport is going to be easy cause my friend (and his car) are taking me there. But since I don't know anyone in Seattle, taking care of that end is going to be a challenge. Until I read about Taskrabbit in the New Yorker.

It's the new startup where there are "rabbits" and people who ask for things to get done. The "rabbits" are background checked people who sign up to take on tasks other people request. For example some tasks range from needing help assembling Ikea furniture to doing one's budget.

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