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An Insider’s Guide to BIFF    
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By Matthew Sidgreaves 

(with contributions from Sarah Hansen and Michele Bourner)

Why Every Expat Needs a VPN


So you've got your new apartment all set up. You were finally able to find fitted sheets (for an exorbitant price, no doubt), you've connected adapters and transformers as needed and you even managed to put up a few pictures of family and friends back at home to make your new living space just a tad more comfortable. Yes, it's time to relax and unwind. Soon you realize your cable is limited to Korean variety shows with the occasional decade-old made-for-TV American movie you're fairly certain no one you know has ever heard of. "No problem," you say, "That's what the internet is for."

Think again.

Netflix, Hulu and even TV networks like ABC and ESPN disappoint with apologetic messages notifying you that their programs cannot be watched outside the States.

"Okay... so I'll just listen to music," you decide.

11th Annual Lesbian Culture Festival: Marry Me

Psyched in South Korea's blog led me to some information about the upcoming festival at Ewha University (by upcoming... well it's happening now).
Oh, and hat tip to the The Grand Narrative for the link.

Our Weekend: Pirates, prehistoric walks and Jurassic Park

Friday evening we ventured to one of Nick's favourite restaurants in PNU which he has suitably named the pirate bar. It's a tiny hodge podge of lots of different dimly-lit small buildings that surround a courtyard with the sound of water trickling by. The trees are overgrown and hang over you while you stuff your face with delicious pajeon and makeolli. It also helped that their used to be an endearingly grumpy old man that used to work there, but apparently he is ill at the moment so has moved out to the country to get some fresh air. I hope he gets better soon!

Following that we went to watch Dan do his stand up comedy, and I was in bed by 1:30 having popped into Basement to dance with Katie's friend who was visiting from England.

Queer Short: You Used to Smile That Way (그렇게 웃어주던 니가)

Available on Youtube is 2009's You Used to Smile That Way. The short isn't fantastic, but it isn't awful either. 그냥 그래.

The Trailer For My New Ebook

Chinese Steampunk movies: Tai Chi Zero and Hero

     In the case you have not caught it yet, there is a Chinese steampunk Kung-Fu movie available for viewing on DVD called Tai Chi Zero. One may find it Do see the Tai Chi Zero 'Trailer' on the You-tube.

     Coming soon to select theaters is the second installment Tai Chi Hero involving a cannon attack on a village and various flying contraptions of a steampunk nature. Delightful promotional matters for which may be found here : Tai Chi Hero Trailer. Do cast your eyes on the poster for Tai Chi hero to be found below. I must say that is a rather fine top hat he is sporting!

Till next time,
STay lightly starched and techno savvy,
Ever sincerely,

Screening: Girl Princes

Indie Plus will have a screening of Girl Princes at Indie Plus on May 4th at 8 pm.

The documentary is poignant and hilarious. I highly recommend it. Plus, this screening will be followed by a discussion with the director Kim Hye-jeong (김혜정) and UCSD's Professor Todd Henry.

Our Weekend

This weekend was mostly about makeolli drinking and kimchijeon devouring. Rainy day museum wandering. Brunch at 3pm. Roller derby and random British films. Has anyone seen the film Sightseers which is based in my home county, Yorkshire? Tasha recommended it. Very bizarre but made us laugh a lot.

I'm also lacking in photos this weekend as I didn't really take my camera out!
Deokcheon, Korea
Cheese Kimchijeon

The Joy Of Creating Cinema

Yesterday I started spontaneously filming anything interesting I could find with my phone, rushing about the city of Gyeongju on my bike, shooting the flowers in the trees, the train rushing along beneath the sunset, the traffic racing over the bridge, the takeout tents and the neon signs flashing over Hanbok rental stores. I had been instructed several hours earlier by one of my friends to just, like, film Korean shit—shoot it, edit it together really fast, throw in some good music, put your book cover in at the end, and you’re good to go. Everyone knows that ebook commercials are all the rage these days, another friend reasoned, and a decent one might help increase my exposure; if I simply release the book right now without any kind of a change to my dismal promotion methods, no one will buy it.

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