Cooking Time: Cous Cous!

Finally another cooking time video! It’s been a long time since we’ve done a cooking video, even though they’re our most popular posts by far! :P In this episode I share one of our favorite meals! It’s easy to make, delicious, healthy, and a party pleaser! I often make it for potlucks and get togethers with friends. A lot of people have requested this video and recipe, so here it is!

*Disclaimer* This ISN’T a Moroccan dish, but it IS using a store bought, box version of a Moroccan ingredient. It’s a fusion dish at best!

Ingredients you’ll need:
cous cous
lemon juice
olive oil
bouillon cubes

You don’t want to see my ‘Casablanca is closed!?’ face. *Sandwich Love*

Morocco Casablanca Restaurant, Gimhae

I realise it is a bit out of Busan, but if you can get there on the local bus, then it counts in my book. And here is some great food worth travelling for!

The Morocco Casablanca Restaurant in downtown Gimhae serves an excellent variety of genuine Moroccan food, at quite agreeable prices.

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