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I made it back to Moran Market in Seongnam a few weeks ago (other parts, 1,2,). I had a student recently tell me that the market is slated to be relocated because the price of real-estate has sky-rocketed in the area. The local gov wants to clean up its image and bring it into the times by relocating it into a modern facility. Goodbye pojamacha wonderland. I really love the atmosphere of this place. Visit if you have the chance, while you still can. Enjoy some makkolli, folk music, and timeworn culinary delights. Here are a few frames from the M6. Tri-X.

모란 시장 revisited

After a exploring the nooks of Moran market earlier in the month I wandered back there this Sunday with a friend. Last time I was a little overwhelmed by the dog meat and my hangover. This time my skin was a little thicker and I explored thoroughly. We peroused, ducked in and out, watched a shaman dance, wandered past boshi-tang pots and had beer in a back alley hof. I am compelled to really make this place my project as my Korean friend told me the place will unfortunately disappear in the next generation. Last time we visited we swung by a department store to pick up something and were suddenly floored by the contrast of the white shiny lights and prim cotton gloves. The shopping culture in Korea is a paradox worth exploring further. Here are some fresh images from yesterday.

Moran Market, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do

Last weekend I spent a day wandering around the infamous Moran Market in Seongnam. Exploring the outdoor/indoor labyrinths that are traditional Korean markets is a major pastime of mine; especially with a camera in tow. Documenting the last gasps of these traditional marketplaces when more and more Koreans are preferring the sterile, air-conditioned comforts of large department stores and international supermarkets, has become a quaint obsession of mine.



“Unless the supernatural comes and plays a part and reveals itself, the picture is only as good and nice as information can be” – Raghu Rai

Moran Market
Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do. South Korea

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