Dr. Lee’s Sindong Makgeolli (이박사의 신동막걸리)

Name: Dr. Lee’s Sindong Makgeolli (이박사의 신동막걸리) Location: Daeheung (Mapo-gu) Reviewed by: Mama’s and Papa’s on: April 27, 2013 Thoughts: Nestled a few blocks from the Han river near Sogang […]

Meeting 11 – In The Alley (길목에서) Photo Gallery


For this meeting, we were personally recommended this not so well known location and we were pleasantly surprised. The makgeolli was super fresh and the food exceeded our expectations. In The Alley is a fantastic location for a rainy day makgeolli indulgence :)

Registration for 18th May Meeting OPEN!!

It’s that time again, and we are ready for some more fresh and delicious makgeolli! This meeting we are heading close to COEX to a little place called ‘Helen’s Kitchen’. [...]

April 27th Meeting – Registration OPEN!!

If you want in on this meeting, you better get in quick spaces as are very limited! We are headed to a place in Mapo-gu run by an online restaurant [...]

Meeting 10 – Makgeolli Salong (막걸리 싸롱) Photo Gallery

If you’re looking for somewhere lively and relaxed in Hongdae for makgeolli, this place would fit the bill. Mamas & Papas felt particularly laid back here and we tried just [...]

Makgeolli Salong (막걸리 싸롱)

Name: Makgeolli Salong (막걸리 싸롱) Location: Hongdae Reviewed by: Mamas & Papas on: 13th March, 2013 Thoughts: Makgeolli Salong is a loud and bustling location which becomes packed with people [...]

April 6th Meeting – Registration OPEN!!

The weather is warming up and we are in the mood for some fresh makgeolli, old school style. Our next meeting came personally recommended to us for its Nongju and [...]

Meeting 8 – Hawaiian Makgeolli (하와이언 막걸리) Photo Gallery

We were a little skeptical about Hawaiian Makgeolli with their promises of ‘pizza’, but we were very pleasantly surprised! Mamas & Papas had a fantastic time here, we ate well, tasted well, and overall it was a comfortable and relaxing night.

Tricycle (세발자전거)

Name: Tricycle (세발자정거)

Location: Hapjeong

Reviewed by: Mamas & Papas on: 23rd Februrary, 2013

Thoughts:  Tricycle is a clean and stylish makgeolli house, tucked away from the busy main street of hapjeong. It boasts eco-friendly food, and a wide selection of fresh, unusual kinds of makgeolli. The wooden interior and classic style makgeolli jugs give it an upscale feel, backed up by quality ingredients.

Tricycle Table

LOCATION                                       FOOD

March 16th Meeting – Registration OPEN!!

Mamas & Papas are going young and trendy! We are set to check out ‘Makgeolli Salon’ near Hongdae University. It’s a well known spot among students and has a good selection of fresh makgeolli. It has a lively atmosphere and the menu may have a few tricks we haven’t seen before, so we are excited to try it out!

Makgelli Salon
If you want in, send us your emails at!

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