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One of the things I really wanted to do this year was to create more teaching related content on our blog and youtube channel. In the beginning of the year I did a 5 part series about How to Make Your EPIK Job Awesome, which I hope you check out if you haven’t already! Since then I’ve done a few other teaching tips and videos about my summer camp. A lot of you have requested materials from my camp, so I am going to be working hard to start sharing materials with you all, starting with this post!

Jason Renshaw @ KOTESOL 2011 National Conference



Jason Renshaw @
KOTESOL's 2011 National Conference
KAIST University
Daejeon, Korea
May 14, 2011

Links from the Jasonsphere
Plenary: Materials development for language learning - the next ten years

Chat log from the online audience

Download mp3 file of the presentation 

Uploading Soon: Presentation Slides

A Discussion with Jason
Topics: His imminent step back from ELT, onine teaching strategies, reflections on being back in Korea, & what lies ahead...

Halloween Party and 5,000 Views.

Hello readers!

Today was the fantastical Halloween Party at my school.

Actually, I found that it was EVEN MORE stressful than our open house yesterday. I finally had time to start making some games for the kids for the party. Each teacher was in charge of some game or other. I was assigned two different games, to appeal to two different age groups (kindergarten and elementary). I was given a BUNCH of freedom for this project.

I had to make some kind of "Face Making" game, where the kids could somehow make ghost faces. Then for the older kids, I needed a speed card game (some flash-cards or something like that).

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