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High Kicks and Wood Breaking at Arirang Taekwondo

When I graduated from high school, I thought my days of field trips were long gone.  So, when I was told at the beginning of the semester that my Sogang University classmates and I would be participating in an off-campus "cultural experience" this past week, I got a little bit excited, mostly because it would be a day off from studying.  Considering I've lived in Korea for about four years now, I figured we'd be going to a museum or on an outing to a palace, things I've done many times before.  So, I was surprised and somewhat hesitant when I was told that we would be learning Taekwondo.

Pictures of Team MAD MMA Practice

I am now training at Team MAD Busan - an MMA academy.  Interesting that it turns out some top notch pro fighters like Kim Dong-Hyun of the UFC but is not very well marketed.  It may just be that it isn't marketed to the international crowd yet, but there is very little on the internet about where they are and how to find them if you are a foreigner.

Battling Ropes Come to Korean Kartel

See video

Busan's coolest place to sweat...

An amalgam of different training styles: part Cross-Fit, hardstyle kettlebells, fight gym, and focused task of separating innovating trends from passing fads.
Simon works toward body balance with a mix of high intensity interval training and developing technique. KK is for everyone regardless of age or physical restrictions. All activities are focused on progress- not being THE best, but your best.

Have guts 2 TRAIN!!!!!!! Welcome to the Wellness Workroom. Founder&Instructor:Simon Kang.MBG CNT Lv1,Lv2,HKC,FMS,CrossFit certified

장 의 Tae Kwon Do in Ulsan (Classes in English)

Do you want to learn Taekwondo during your time in Korea? Learn the traditional Korean martial art with English Instruction. Respond to this ad, and get a free uniform. 

Morning, evening and night classes are available. 

We are located near Ulsan University in Mugeo-dong. If you live in Mugeo-dong, bus pick-up is available.


Call Master Kim at 010-4202-7258 or Eddy at 010-6724-0550 for more information... 

Life Style Martial Arts

Repeats every week on July, August every Monday until Sat Sep 03 2011 .
Monday, July 4, 2011 - 18:00

Life Style Martial Art by Grandmaster Kim Soo

 ** Instruction in English / Easy, Fun, Safe and Effective**

Location: Seoul YMCA
Address: Jongro 2-Ga, Seoul, Korea
Start Date: July 4th
Class schedule: Every Monday 18:00-19:30 (6:00-7:30pm)
Cost: 50,000 Won per month
For information call: 010-8961-4060

Grandmaster Kim Soo welcomes men, women, youth and seniors of all levels and from all nationalities. Note: Grandmaster Kim Soo is fluent in Korean and English and can speak some Russian and Spanish.

Tozi Team Korea Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Dong Cheon Bek San is Busan's premiere BJJ team.  It includes Tozi Team Korea, Barbosa Academy Team Korea, First Gym, and Team MAD (home of UFC fighter Dong Huynh Kim).  All instructors at our gym have trained extensively in Brazil, and are certified to teach BJJ.

Martial Arts in Pusan: the ultimate list

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