Wangfujing is the place to shop in Beijing if you like retail...

Market Makgeolli Tasting Class 1 – Registration Open!!

Grub's Up at Gwangjang

Grub's Up at Gwangjang

Dinnertime at Gwangjang Market, Seoul.

The Morning Shift

The Morning Shift

An early morning delivery driver trundles along the deserted streets around Jagalchi, Busan.

Life from Above

Life from Above

Life from above, as captured in Daegu's sprawling Seomun Market complex. You can read the accompanying story here . 

Market Man

Seoul’s Medicine Market

Seoul's Medicine Market

Seoul’s Medicine Market


I’ve always been fascinated with oriental medicine. Using herbal medicines and natural healing to stay healthy just seems like the right way to live.  Growing up in a Western culture, where I am thankful to have highly developed scientific advancement of modern medicine, unfortunately I did not have a lot of exposure to natural curses and practices of oriental medicine.

Seoul Wandering

Busan’s Dongnae Computer Market

Busan has several electronics and computer markets, but I think that the one in Dongnae is the best! It’s huge, fairly clean and tidy, and has everything you could possibly want. The Korean name for the building is 부산 컴푸터 상가. Busan Computer Wholesale Market! The website for the market is!

Curious what the place looks like on the inside or on the outside? Check out the video we made!

Getting Lost in Busan’s Gukje Market

One of my favorite things about living in South Korea is visiting the markets. There are markets everywhere! And there is a market for everything. There are traditional markets, full of food and household items, and there are clothing markets. There are electronics markets, music markets, fish markets, and even pet markets!

Perhaps the most famous of all of these markets is Namdaemun or Dongdaemun in Seoul. These huge markets get all the press because they have a long history and because they’re in Seoul, where most of the tourists spend their time. Those are both interesting places, but recently, we discovered a few similar places here in Busan that we liked a lot more!

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