At the very heart of the city of Manila, you will find Quaipo district, where the famous Quiapo Church stands.

Seeking NON-Touristy Recommendations… Please Help!

We are travellers, not tourists. A ticket in our future always bubbles our blood in excitement!

Adam needs to renew his visa in September and instead taking the hydrofoil over to Japan like he did last time, I mentioned taking a trip. We have been in Asia now for 6 months and not traveled (I know, can you believe it?!?!)

ARKpopPodcast - Episode 8 – [Untitled]

73:33 minutes (33.67 MB)


Welcome to the episode that falls apart because we suddenly realized that what we had lined up for Free Talk was not good enough, so we had to improvise, badly. The rest of the episode is good probably.

From Manila

Manila has a reputation for being a bit of a shithole, and I can't say that it's unfounded. It's rotting, crumbling, and loud, with filthy sidewalks and air that tastes like a diesel pizza. Yes, a lot of travelers do poo-poo Manila, and while they're not wrong, per se, I think that the city has a bit of charm if you scratch a bit beneath the surface.

Keep in mind I have only been here for less than ONE DAY.

We arrived late last night, taking the East Asian red eye express from Busan. Immigration and customs were painless, and before we knew it we were in a taxi heading straight for our hotel, which I had booked over the internet. Yes, it is overpriced, at about 40 bucks a night for a very small room with two lumpy beds, but sometimes piece of mind is worth it. I wasn't about to roll into one of Southeast Asia's most notorious cities at 2 a.m. with no confirmed place to stay.

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