Daring Skinship?!

In that MBC video there is a part where they say how daring the couples are for touching each other and kissing. You would think that couples between two Koreans don't show public affection. The reality is that for a long time public displays of affection were shunned here, and they still are to some degree. But I can tell you things seem to have dramatically changed these days.

I was at the Cheongyecheon last night near Gwanghwamun and there were plenty of cuddling couples to be seen. Scandalous!

Ten Reasons Why I Dislike Korea

There are plenty of reasons to like Korea, and there are plenty of reasons to love Korea, but it has to be said there is an equal number of reasons to dislike Korea.

I won’t call them the sunshine press today because I know that they are also prone to sharing the overcast afternoon news and the even more miserable dark November evening where it pisses down for what feels like a week news, but the Korean blogosphere has been up to its naughty tricks again. This time it has started to talk about reasons why Korea is worth loving, or liking…or tolerating…etc. That fellow Roboseyo whom I keep hearing about has the lowdown here.

My Life in 10 Objects

I do this kind of regularly…not as regularly as I like to talk about myself, which I’m going to do a lot about in this post.

I see a blog post that someone else has written and then change the contents and talk about myself. I think you call it a meme. The more I read blogs, what with the whole blogging that I do myself, the more I’m inclined to copy other people’s posts and give my own take on a particular topic. There were a few about Korea and particular articles that were poorly drafted and spoke poorly of the land of the morning calm (heaven forbid). The thing is, I’ve no idea how I managed to ever get into this because I hardly read any blogs about Korea, at least not intentionally (a few links pop up on twitter and give them an ould click and my five minutes, but only every so often, and I won’t go into why I don’t do this now)

A Love Letter to Daiso

Dear Daiso,
We've known each other on and off for a few years now.  I stumbled upon you early on in my time in Korea, and since have found myself seeking you out more and more.  When I returned, one of my first inquiries was the distance between us. You were one of my first stops back in Korea and one of the last places I seek out when I make my return trips home. 


The air undulates around her toned shoulders. Incandescent cotton flutters around her form as the summer breeze compliments her movement across the cafe floor. She floats to the double doors opening onto the redwood terrace. Sunset light bounces off the ocean waves as they roll to the sparkling sands. Flame coloured light that has travelled millions of miles, filtered by the atmosphere,  reflected and refracted by the majesty of nature, holds her features in fabulous illumination.

You turn me on. Created by Nicole Martinez

When we’re together I know I’ll never...

When we’re together I know I’ll never fall.

Consumerism at its best; I enjoy Starbucks’ holiday cups. Mmm!

Aorta tell you how much I love you. Created by Nicole Martinez

Aorta tell you how much I love you.

Created by Nicole Martinez

My beaker bubbles for you. Created by Nicole Martinez

My beaker bubbles for you.

Created by Nicole Martinez

You fog my spectacles. Created by Nicole Martinez

You fog my spectacles.

Created by Nicole Martinez

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