Letter from Korea, November 2013


Suwon, South Korea
November 2013

Dear Ireland

Walking Together – One Year Anniversary

I can’t believe it’s been one year since we got married! We started collecting clips for this video right after we got married. It was Evan’s idea to film us walking in different places throughout the year. A lot of you may not know that before we had this website, we had a blog called “Feet in Places”! When we were traveling around SE Asia we took pictures of our feet in cool places and posted them on our blog. It didn’t last long, and eventually got overrun with scary foot fetish people! haha :P

Anyways I think its a unique way to commemorate our first year of marriage together, and I love the video Evan made. <3 We've decided to make another video this year, but you'll have to wait until next year to find out the theme! ^^

Why are there more Asian Women with White Guys than Asian Guys with White Women?

I took issue with yet another of Ask a Korean's posts this week (he seems to be good ammunition for the Korea blogosphere at the moment), not so much because I disagreed totally with him but because of what he left out, which was important to say.

Love to Hate Korea: Costco

It’s no secret that Costco in Korea is the epitome of a modern hellhole designed to rip your soul out, divvy it up with a rusty and blunt axe, chew it, then spit it right back at you, so you you put it back inside, then turn around and do it all over again. This place steals so much attention and causes so much heartbreak and frustration, but let’s not forget that all it is is a bloody supermarket!

But why is the place just destined to constantly infuritate me? I blame people. Because, let’s face it, all the ills of the world are brought about by our fellow humans, and Costco in Korea is a perfect example of this.

"Don't feel sad about us."

Korea is a good place to dwell on the past. More than likely, everyone who means a great deal to you is a continent and/or ocean away. I’ve been thinking lately about my failure to remain friends with ex-boyfriends. I don’t have any. Even with boys that I’ve only had sexual relationships with, we fail to maintain any friendship.

So, my exes fall into two categories:

(1) We don’t talk at all and abruptly left things on unpleasant terms. Talking again would be strange. If in the same area, we would avoid eye contact.

(2) We talk from time to time because if we were in the same area, we would totally have mind-blowing sex.

So Long, Farewell: It hurts when friends leave Korea.



I won’t lie, last week in Korea was rough. I should have been elated for the upcoming weekend forecast of warm weather and birthday celebrations for yours truly, but my heart was a little crushed. A handful of fellow teachers departed or began preparations for the journey home. Each time someone leaves I realize how much they’ve influenced my time abroad. I mean, come on, they basically made it.


Almost three years ago, James left Korea shortly after I...

Almost three years ago, James left Korea shortly after I arrived. We had mutual friends, but never met before he left.

Valentines Day Gifts

Valentines Day Gifts

Gifts for your loved one don’t need to cost a fortune. These homemade gifts are affordable and thoughtful. They’re not cheap or naff like the ones you used to make at school and with some creativity and time you may create something brilliant. And besides, if they really love you, they would love your macaroni card too.

I prepared a gift and a sweet treat for my valentine, the difficult part is trying to keep them secret, so even though I’m publishing this online fingers crossed he won’t read this post for a least a week.

Letter from Korea, February 2013

February 2013

Dear Ireland

Today, Thursday February 7 of the year 2013, has been a long and busy day, and it’s far from over. This morning myself, herself, and +1, rose at 6am as we always do, but instead of feeding and returning to sleep, we dressed in a panic, and bailed into the car in sub-zero temperatures. A trip to the airport was afoot. Why? Well, mammy and daddy were on their way to Korea!

The Snowy Night by Moon Tae-jun

Translated by Chae-Pyong Song and Anne Rashid


Photography by Anne Rashid

The Snowy Night by Moon Tae-jun

Oh, my lover
who had pure eyes;
oh, the silver scales
that occupied your eyes.
Tonight snow falls.
Oh, my poor lover
who wrapped my neck
with a white towel and washed my face,
a sacred quiet descends
upon the lonely planet.
I close my eyes
to remember the time
your hands washed my face.

눈 내리는 밤/ 문태준

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