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*Valentines Day~ Korean style*

Korea is very big on holidays that celebrate love, but most of all, the giving of snacks :) Remember this one: Pepppero Day? Well Valentines day is no exception. Valentines day here in Korea is celebrated a little differently to other, 'western' countires. Here, Valentine's day is when the girls are supposed to provide the guys with gifts, and spice and all things nice; and on White Day (14th

Getting **Glasses** in Korea

One of the first things we noticed after arriving in Korea was the number of people wearing glasses. Hmmm we though, ok, maybe Koreans have really bad eye sight. But, then I started noticing some rather odd things. Most of the glasses people were wearing, had no lenses! They were purely for show. Loads of loads of cool frames, with no lenses. Ingenious! Who doesn't think they look smarter with

Making Life **Simple** Again

After fiddling around (well, actually more like spending countless minutes) on Stumbleupon *check it out if you haven't already! This website is basically like channel surfing.  It browses the entire web using search parameters you set up on your huh!*  Farmboy and I have come accross some awesome useless information and other such nonsensical things...For example: where to buy

Seoul: *crackdown* on bad taxi drivers

Has a Seoul taxi ever refused to take you where you want to go? Especially on frigid or rainy nights?The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced a package of penalties and incentives yesterday to put finicky cabbies in their place, especially those who refuse fares or drop passengers off short of their destinations.Seoul will designate one day a week as an “on-site crackdown day” and police will

*Sung Sim Dang* Bakery ~ EunhangDong, Daejeon

The area of Daejeon called Old Downtown or Eunhangdong has loads of things to see and do, especially if you like to eat and shop! One of our earlier posts was about the awesome underground shopping there *click here* and of course the 5 story mega Stationery Store ** post still to come. But if you enjoy stuffing your face with baked goods thats don't taste like they have just been covered

Getting your **nails** done in Korea

Today marked a very special day for Citygirl here in Korea. It was "treat" day whereby Roxy and her awesome Texan buddy Christina,  headed off to get their nails done (something they swore to do every 2 weeks but have actually only done  so twice before).Getting your nails done in Korea is really really cool, with loads of designs and colours to choose from and for only W15 000 a pop (about $15),

South Africans Renewing their Contracts

Learning Korean...

*Cafe Bene*, Gwangeodong, Daejeon

*G20 Summit* ~ Seoul, South Korea

Going to the Dentist in South Korea

*InterCity* Bus Schedules

Electronics Market in Seoul

Magik Aroma *marvelous soaps & heavenly crunchies*

* Recycling*

South Korea is extremely mindful about recycling, to the point where there have been some rumors of harsh fines! So stay out of trouble and recycle your waste :)

It's really easy here, you just need to buy the special bags from all supermarkets (Emart, Lotte Mart, Home Plus) and most groceries stores...they cost about W6 000 for a pack of 20 and come in loads of different sizes.
*NB* Make sure to get the bags for YOUR area, as there are separate bags for each district. Here are some pics of the green recycling bags for the district I stay in, Yuseoung:

*Book Swop*

I love reading Science Fiction. I love reading Thrillers. I love reading Drama's. I love reading Romance. In essence, I love to read :)
Being here in a foreign country has left me craving more and more books, that I am devouring at a rapid rate, so Farmboy suggested a really cool thing to start; a Book Swop!

Cambodia for *Chuseok*

Months of planning and waiting in anticipation finally came to an end on the 17th September, when four very excited South Africans (Claire Keet, Jono Hatting, Farmboy and myself) headed for the far corners of Cambodia for Chuseok. Luckily for us, all of our schools had given us the Friday off, as well the National Public Holidays from Tuesday 21st - Thursday 23rd September, so all that had to be done was arrange to take Monday the 17th off, and then we were 'A for Away'!

Friday afternoon *treat*

Last week was a long one. Mainly because it was our first week back after our wonderful holiday in Cambodia, and that meant back to business. Back to screaming kids, back to kids who couldn't care less about English, and back to kids who refuse to answer ANYTHING in class. But that's ok, that's what were here for right? Feeling very tired, stressed, and just plain pooped, i decided to head to the Leechard Pro Hair Salon for a bit of TLC...and they never disappoint. I was given a complimentary manicure (well they always come around to do your nails there... must be a special treat for foreigners...see images below), a complimentary hair treatment, cut,  style, hot chocolate and piece of yummy cake all for W12 000 (that's about $12/R60)....YAY!

Stop those Sniffles!

So i guess winter is here now...thats that, no autumn, no easing into it...nothing. Its as if overnight (or rather over the course of a week) that all the cold winds and frost's got together and had a meeting over the state of us here in South Korea, and obviously they decided it was time for something a bit more on the cooler side. So that means underfloor heating and slippers on, hot chocolate in hand, and warm coffee shops to explore!

Thank you for *Chuseok*

Most of us here in South Korea are aware that there are holidays coming up next week, and some of us might even know the name of those holidays, or even what the holiday is for. So here's a little summary...

Piranha *4D*

Today was just your average rainy Saturday here in Dajeon, South Korea...that is...until we headed to Say Department Store to check out Dajeon's first 4D Movie House! And we were not disappointed!

Braai by the Bridge

The weather here in Daejeon for the past 2 months has been *unbearably* hot, with temperatures reaching above 30C, coupled with at least 70% humidity led to most of us here not daring to leave the comfort of our air conditioned apartments. Luckily for us, it seems Summer is drawing to a close and Autumn is fast approaching (*sigh of relied*) which I'm sure will be short lived as the icy cold Winter is sure to hit soon.

But to make the most of the cooler, gorgeous weather...we decided to have a 'braai' down by Gapcheon river here in Daejeon, and not just anywhere, but under a bridge :) *For those non-South Africans out there, click here for a more thorough description of what this strange sounding word means*

So enough with the waffling...I now present...Braai by the Bridge :)

"Braai" what?!?!?!?

Throughout this blog, and any other South African blog/website/ etc you will come across the word braai. For those non-South African's out there, here's a little post to get you familiar with the word and what it means.

Pronounced "br-eye",

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