*Valentines Day~ Korean style*

Korea is very big on holidays that celebrate love, but most of all, the giving of snacks :) Remember this one: Pepppero Day? Well Valentines day is no exception. Valentines day here in Korea is celebrated a little differently to other, 'western' countires. Here, Valentine's day is when the girls are supposed to provide the guys with gifts, and spice and all things nice; and on White Day (14th

Getting **Glasses** in Korea

One of the first things we noticed after arriving in Korea was the number of people wearing glasses. Hmmm we though, ok, maybe Koreans have really bad eye sight. But, then I started noticing some rather odd things. Most of the glasses people were wearing, had no lenses! They were purely for show. Loads of loads of cool frames, with no lenses. Ingenious! Who doesn't think they look smarter with

Making Life **Simple** Again

After fiddling around (well, actually more like spending countless minutes) on Stumbleupon *check it out if you haven't already! This website is basically like channel surfing.  It browses the entire web using search parameters you set up on your huh!*  Farmboy and I have come accross some awesome useless information and other such nonsensical things...For example: where to buy

Seoul: *crackdown* on bad taxi drivers

Has a Seoul taxi ever refused to take you where you want to go? Especially on frigid or rainy nights?The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced a package of penalties and incentives yesterday to put finicky cabbies in their place, especially those who refuse fares or drop passengers off short of their destinations.Seoul will designate one day a week as an “on-site crackdown day” and police will

*Sung Sim Dang* Bakery ~ EunhangDong, Daejeon

The area of Daejeon called Old Downtown or Eunhangdong has loads of things to see and do, especially if you like to eat and shop! One of our earlier posts was about the awesome underground shopping there *click here* and of course the 5 story mega Stationery Store ** post still to come. But if you enjoy stuffing your face with baked goods thats don't taste like they have just been covered

Getting your **nails** done in Korea

Today marked a very special day for Citygirl here in Korea. It was "treat" day whereby Roxy and her awesome Texan buddy Christina,  headed off to get their nails done (something they swore to do every 2 weeks but have actually only done  so twice before).Getting your nails done in Korea is really really cool, with loads of designs and colours to choose from and for only W15 000 a pop (about $15),

South Africans Renewing their Contracts

Learning Korean...

*Cafe Bene*, Gwangeodong, Daejeon

*G20 Summit* ~ Seoul, South Korea

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