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Heavy Metal (all subgenres) in and around Busan

Hey hey, 

New to Busan and I was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions concerning, well, metal. 

I went to a show last Friday at Club Realize and was pleasantly surprised. There was a good showing of Core styled bands, and the show was headlined by legendary Japanese Noisecore band Sete Star Sept. Are there any other good venues around Busan, or are they all up in Seoul?

Is it folly to think that major bands (as far as metal goes) will tour in Korea? I know As I Lay Dying is coming around soon, as are the Deftones, but do other, perhaps heavier acts make trips over here regularly?

Also, I'd love to know any suggestions as to where I could purchase some used instruments and then anything that has to do with metal, i.e. CDs, vinyl, posters, shirts, etc.

Lastly -- sorry -- how would you describe the metal scene in Korea? I'm thinking modest at best. 

Thanks for your help!


Progress Report

It's been a shade over two months since I got to Korea and it's high time that I give everybody back home (and around the world) an update on how life in Korea has been treating me this time around. Despite having near two years of experience with this confusing and sometimes frustrating corner of the world, Korea has managed to dish up plenty of fresh challenges for me in my third stint in the land of the morning calm.


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