A Personal History of Haebangchon

I like Haebangchon. I have only lived there briefly, but I lived nearby for a while and spent many formative years in Korea there. I made a lot of friends there, and I still have plenty who float in and out of bars and cafés and shout and wave at me when I turn up on random sorties. A bit like me, Haebangchon has changed a lot, and I’d even say it has become more sophisticated, but still with its old town grit that people come back for so much.

I have a job.

One thing I don’t talk too much about here is work. The reasons why are because it’s work, and work is work, and there are plenty of people out there who are more suited to talking about my line of work than I am, and more importantly, I don’t want to talk about work.

I talk with co-workers about work all day in work. It’s work talk. The same work talk that everyone else talks about in work, which usually involves complaining/marvelling over something irrelevant to the rest of the immediate world. It’s not very exciting and the less I have of it the better. Sometimes I talk with Herself about work, and she politely grunts and changes the subject, which I’m grateful for. I do enough talking about work and you don’t deserve, need, or really want to hear me go on about work.

The Pressure of Korean Education

Korean students are known for their academic excellence and spending hours at after school programs. From their youngest age, parents are pushing them to study to the extreme with the dream to reach the SKY (Seoul National University, Korea University and Yonsei University) the top 3 Korean universities. Perfect on paper, the system also has major flaws…

Interview: David Mason about Teaching & Working in Korea



* Celebrating Chuseok! *

With fall comes Chuseok 추석, the Korean harvest festival! Also known as Hangawi 한가위, it is one of the most important holidays in Korea. Following the lunar calendar it falls on the 15th day of the 8th month, close to the Autumn Equinox, and is celebrated over 3 days. This year Chuseok goes from September 11-13, giving a long week-end to families to get together.

Chuseok, Seoul, Korean holiday, Korean culture, Korean rites,

Celebrating Chuseok (The Chosunilbo)

Interview: David Mason & the Korean Mountain Spirit

Korean culture, shamanism, mountain spirit, david masonMeet David Mason, a resident of Korea for the last 27 years with a fascination for Korean mountain spirits. Local culture and history hold no secrets for the native of Michigan, who will gladly share his passion with you and tell us about living and working in the constantly evolving Republic of South Korea.

Welcome to the World of Jean-Paul Gaultier…

Have you ever visited a world where teddy bears wear cone shaped bras, men look sexy in feathered bustiers and hasidic jews are style inspirations? Welcome to the world of Jean-Paul Gaultier!

“Non-conformist designer seeks unusual models—the conventionally pretty need not apply.”
A Jean-Paul Gaultier classified recruiting models

Jean paul gaultier, gaultier, parfum jean paul gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier universe, where teddy bears wear cone bras...

Words of Wisdom from a Long Time Expat in Korea

Last week I interviewed David Mason for Worknplay magazine. David has spent 27 years in Korea researching local culture, history and mountain spirits and now teaches at KyungHee University. His experience living in Korea is really interesting as he has traveled extensively in the country and worked with the government and other institutions. After our chat I asked him what advise he could give to a newcomer. It really rang right and he explained to the point talks I have been having with friends.

David Mason, Korea

David Mason at a Neo-Confucian Ritual

Life Style Martial Arts

Repeats every week on July, August every Monday until Sat Sep 03 2011 .
Monday, July 4, 2011 - 18:00

Life Style Martial Art by Grandmaster Kim Soo

 ** Instruction in English / Easy, Fun, Safe and Effective**

Location: Seoul YMCA
Address: Jongro 2-Ga, Seoul, Korea
Start Date: July 4th
Class schedule: Every Monday 18:00-19:30 (6:00-7:30pm)
Cost: 50,000 Won per month
For information call: 010-8961-4060

Grandmaster Kim Soo welcomes men, women, youth and seniors of all levels and from all nationalities. Note: Grandmaster Kim Soo is fluent in Korean and English and can speak some Russian and Spanish.

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