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I Just Want to Scream


I just want to scream, but I know it won’t do any good.

I heard that a ferry to Jeju that was sinking. News implied all would get out alive. I thought it was Costa Concordia like, if only it was comparable now.



Spring has moved beyond it’s intial flex and is now well into the process of ejecting life from within the winter locked bowels of the plants and people longing for the seasons much anticipated warmth.

How to Make Your EPIK Job Awesome #5 – Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff!

This is part 5 in a 5 part series about how to make your EPIK job awesome! This final tip is an all-encompassing one: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Shake things off. Insert other cliche but true statements here. ;)

Saint Patrick’s Day in Seoul, 2014


When you live in Korea long enough expecting public holidays from home to fall on their usual day or date becomes a waste of time. Really. Anyone American will be familiar with Thanksgiving falling on a Saturday, and even the Superbowl the night after. Irish, like myself, are now most familiar with a Saturday Saint Patrick’s Day, and yesterday was no different from other years (except for last year and the year before when Paddy’s Day actually fell on the weekend…which kind of ruins my point), the day of Ireland and it’s ‘ness was transformed from its early weekday schedule to a much more alcoholic friendly Saturday.

Korea in Chiang Mai


You spend enough time in Asia as an Irishman and you give up expecting to find Irish stuff. You know you’ll stumble across something here or there, but at the best of times all you can find is a can of Guinness and a Westlife song. Chiang Mai, despite its large expat population and even larger tourist numbers was no better than Korea, or anywhere else I’ve been. I had hoped for half a day or so, but any hopes I had were soon dashed by the obvious.

Life Changes via Text Message

Part 3 of the search for my biological mother begins...
In case you're just tuning in, check out Part 1 & Part 2 before reading this.

It's been one week.

How can I even begin to write this?

Last Monday, February 17th will forever be etched on my heart.

Because... you see... that's the day I talked to HER!

I got the email from my case worker with HER name.
With HER contact information.

What did I do with that?

Well, I tried to go through the proper channels and contact my social worker so she could set up a time for me to call HER, but I tried calling three times and couldn't get through. I had waited 29 years. I couldn't wait anymore. So I did what any millennial would do...

What Can You Do?


This is one of those positivity posts you happen upon across the blogosphere. Don’t worry though, I’m not going to tell you how to change your life. It’s one I’m hoping you’ll read and decide to post your own appropriate response.

The Path to THEM

I'm usually a private person. I don't share the intimate happenings of my life online. But this is a story so important that it needs to be documented.

So as I said in my last post...

Things have been CRAZY in these past few months.

11 Months (and One Day) Later

I used to eat at home a lot more than I do now.


Hi, Ethan.



시간관리의 비밀?

그럴 때가 있다.
어릴 때.
답답해서. 우울해서. 화가 나서. 짜증나서.
집앞을 나섰는데 막상 갈 곳이 없을 때.
그저 무작정 걷는다. 그런데 갈 곳이 없다. 결국 배가 고프다. 밥 먹으러 집에 다시 들어온다.

어린 시절 방학이 시작되던 날. 군대에서 휴가를 받던 날.
얼마나 기뻤는지. 기다리고 기다리던 방학이고 휴가였다. 얼마나 하고싶은 것도 많았고, 먹고싶은 것도 많았던가. 저것도 해야지, 이것도 해야지,저기도 가봐야지, 이 사람도 만나야지, 이거 꼭 해봐야지.

그리고 한달이 지나 방학이 끝나갈 무렵. 2주가 지나 복귀날이 다가올 때.
말 그대로 미쳐 버릴 지경.
하려고 했던 것 아무것도 못했는데 시간이 다 지나가버렸다는 것을 깨달았을 때 그때의 그 억울함,허무함이란…

왜 그랬을까?를 생각해보면 답은 아주 간단했다. 난 이것저것 하고싶은 것도 먹고싶은 것도 많았지만 정확하게 계획을 세우지 않았다. 언제 어디를 가고 어떻게 하고, 무엇을 먹고, 누구를 만나서 무엇을 하고, 얼마의 시간을 보낼 것인가…등 구체적이고 현실적인 계획을 세우지 않은채 그저 하고싶은 것들만 많았다. 그리고 그 중 한두가지도 제대로 못한채 영원할 것만 같았던 시간들은 모두 다 흘러가 버렸다.

시간은 흐른다. 잡을 수 없다. 당신이 잠시 ‘앗! 타임 타임! 잠깐만!!!~~’ 이라고 아무리 소리 지르고 붙잡아도 멈춰주지 않는다. 냉정하다. 그냥 흘러간다. 그래서 야속하지만 반대로 그래서 가장 공평하다. 시간은 누구에게나 공평하다. 길거리의 거지에게나 이 세상 최고의 갑부에게나 대통령이거나 최고의 스타이거나 누구에게나 시간은 공평하다.

그렇다면 답은 하나다. 우리가 그렇게 흘러가버릴 그 시간을 어떻게 최대한 효과적으로 사용하느냐.
그래서 시중에 그토록 많은 시간관리에 관한 책이 있으리라.

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