Life in Korea

A Blessing in De Skies


It happens abroad

Feeling homesick

To explore is a great gift

But the tug of the deeply familiar in the midst of differences

Emotions too hard to deal with

Sometimes can be a blessing

Away from home will help you to remember that you love home

Big News!

Crawling Through Windows

IMG_1889Without a doubt, art is one of the most defining elements of any culture. It captures the spirit of people, places and time, and expresses mood, opinion, and thought, in such a way that transcends even the greatest of language barriers. Whether it be a song, play, dance or a visual composition like pottery, painting or drawing, every piece of art is a window into that culture’s world. When we attempt to learn about and experience other cultures, sometimes it’s enough to remain on the outside looking in; to go to a museum or a gallery, or attend a concert or production.

Uber Seoul: Get a Free Luxury Taxi Ride

I’m Ready for My Close-Up: An Interview with TLTalk

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Janeth Ignacio for her up-and-coming blog, TLTalk! You can find the interview, which covers everything from culture shock to teaching ESL, here. Enjoy!

‘Her Midnight Run, My Empathy’ in Busan Haps

I have refreshed the essay a bit and it’s now appearing on Busan Haps’ website. Check it out!


Note: She did not leave a note. That’s my handwriting.

The Ulsan Human Rights 10K

This morning I completed my first ever officical 10 kilometer race! Based on the name of the event, the purpose of the run was to raise awareness of some sort for human rights issues…but since all the literature and speeches were in Korean I have no clue beyond that. The point is, I did it!

The whole thing was organized really well. From tents where you could check your bags or extra layers, to well-marked signs and people telling you which way to go, to plenty of water stands along the way, they thought of everything and more, just like I would expect from a race back home. Best of all, though, was the jazzercise/group stretching session that we had before the start, which consisted of everyone grapevining, clapping and lunging all in perfect Korean unison (apparently this is a standard part of any race day in the country!).

Which Disney princess would make the best co-teacher?

tumblr_nbyvp6UoQK1rmdodwo1_500Snow White – Her childlike innocence makes her perfect for working with elementary school kids. She gets them to whistle-while-they-work during even the most mundane of tasks, like tidying up the room or studying grammar. And if she can wrangle 7 dwarfs, you know she’s got to have mad classroom management skills. Just don’t let the kids try to give her any apples.


Should You Open a Bank Account in Korea?

It’s finally happened. You’ve stuffed so much money under your mattress that you are having trouble sleeping at night. Is it time to open up a bank account in Korea?

Good question! Before you get started, let’s talk about what you need to know about having a bank account in Korea. After we cover the ins and outs of banking in Korea, we’ll give you a few banks to investigate. If you want to study Korean banking vocab, scroll to the bottom for common banking words. You can use them to impress the bank tellers when you stop off at your neighborhood branch!

So who needs this info? Do you? Maybe! This info may be useful if:

Vlog Entry #4: The Apartment Tour

This video takes you on a guided tour of my apartment in Ulsan, South Korea! If you’d rather read about it, check out the written post here!

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