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The Seven Levels of Korean Aegyo

Korean Aegyo (애교) is basically when somebody acts in a cute or childish way, despite not being a young child themselves. This can take many forms, from how people speak and act, to how they dress or decorate their room. The reason for acting cute is to try and flirt with or impress somebody, or to get something that you want. If you are impressed by somebody’s aegyo, then you can say ‘gyiyowoyo (귀여워요)’ which means ‘cute’ in Korean (dictionary form: 귀엽다).

Holidays to Fall in Love in Korea

Spring is upon us and love is in the air! With the days getting warmer and the trees beginning to bloom again, it’s the perfect time of year to cherish your loved ones and perhaps begin a new romantic endeavor. Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to let your significant other know exactly how you feel about them and make them feel appreciated. However, that’s the only official romantic holiday that the Western world has to showcase love and affection. On the other hand, love in Korea is an enduring experience with a slew of different love-oriented special occasions to remind those celebrating how important it is to express appreciation and spread the love! Read on to learn about a few of Korea’s holidays devoted to love (or lack thereof).

What to Pack for Korea in 2015

So you’ve decided to come to Korea. Excellent decision! In preparation, you’ve probably asked yourself this one question over and over: “What to pack for Korea?” Packing for a trip like this can seem like a daunting task. However, with a bit of foresight and preparation, it will be a breeze!

Packing for Korea

She’s happy she read “What to Pack for Korea”

You may be worried that you might forget to pack the one critical item for your trip. After all, you may not be able to just run down to your local Wal-Mart or Target in Korea and pick up something you forgot. However, it’s unlikely that anything will be that hard to get. Most of the necessities are easily available for purchase.

Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Korea

Finally winter is over and we can all start enjoying the Korean outdoors again. One of the events that marks this changing of the seasons is the spectacular cherry blossoms. There aren’t that many countries in the world where you can see the cherry blossoms, and they only last a few days so if you want to see the cherry blossoms in Korea, you need to plan ahead.

The cherry blossom is usually associated with Japan, where it is known as sakura. In Korea, it is called beot-kkot (벗꽃). In fact most of the cherry trees in Korea are believed to be a slightly different species of tree than those in Japan. The Korean cherry tree, known as the ‘king cherry’ originated from Jeju Island, which is also the first place that the cherry blossom occurs in due to its slightly warmer climate.

Day 4 no voice! But on the up side my Korean classes are going well. ^^ Did everyone have a good Monday?

Omg hahaha

It Takes A Village

Starting last week my school moved to its new, permanent location about 20 minutes outside the city. The campus is absolutely huge and beautifully tucked into the valley of some small mountains with a distant view of the ocean (pictures to come later)! However, it makes for a bit of a longer commute and especially for me, since I don’t have a car, a slightly more complicated journey to and from school.

The Beauty In the Ugly

Gajisan - Yeongnam AlpsWoody Allen is quoted saying, “Eighty percent of life is just showing up.” But after coming to teach English and live in South Korea, I’ve come to believe it’s about much more than that. One-hundred percent of life is about showing up with the best version of yourself.

The Sounds of the Jimjilbang

I recently mustered up enough courage for my first trip to a Korean spa, locally known as a jimjilbang. Lots of public nakedness was had by all, and I left feeling relaxed and squeaky clean. While parts of it might be a tad exaggerated for comedic purposes, this song I made pretty well captures the experience, which was great but also slightly scarring. Apologies in advance for my mediocre singing voice, ‘guess I need to hit the norebang more often. Enjoy!

The Sounds of the Jimjilbang


10 Reasons Why Ulsan Rocks!

With only about 1 million people calling it home, Ulsan is not the biggest city in South Korea. To many, it’s also not the most “happening” place. But, as I said previously in a similar post, there are still a number of things that make it a GREAT place to live!

10 Korean Date Ideas Everyone Can Enjoy

UNTIL FEBRUARY 9th: If you were to choose, which Korean celebrity would you pick for a Valentine’s Day date? Go here to vote, leave a comment, and be in a drawing to get a 90 Day Korean language learning scholarship!


Let’s say you’ve got a date set up with a Korean, but you’re not sure where to go. The big day is coming soon, and you want to make a good impression. 악!

Or maybe you want to switch things up and have a Korean-style date with your significant other. Time for an adventure!

Below are the “Top 5 Korean Date Ideas” that you can do to have a Korean style couple experience. You can do many of these anywhere in the world, no matter what city you’re in.

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