Genderfluid in Korea–One Teen’s Story (Part 2)

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Editor’s note: The writer of this piece requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the subject. Any responses can be sent to

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The 4th Annual Busan Drag Prom @ Almost Famous (July 4)

Is all Marriage Created Equal?


After watching the now stratospheric speech by Panti Bliss in the Abbey theatre I had an uncomfortable feeling. Why was ‘she’ so angry at ‘me’? Why did she repeatedly utter the words ‘I check myself’ almost to the point of complete irritation. Why was I so annoyed?

Gay in Korea - For Men

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In an effort to ensure the identity of the speaker is protected, his name is not revealed, and his voice has been altered. This is a video expressing one man's personal opinion about being gay in Korea. Many of my subscribers have asked for this topic, and I have also received some emails to my YouTube account with questions about this topic. I will make a video where I share my opinion about being gay in Korea, if you would like to me to. Though I am not gay, I fully support gay rights, and I also have a lot of gay, bi, and lesbian friends. Please feel free to post comments and further questions here. If I can answer them, I will. If not, I will ask my friend with whom I made this video to make an account and to answer your questions anonymously here. Any abusive comments will be deleted. Please vote them down if you see them. Also, ladies! The Female lesbian perspective video has already been filmed. I'm just editing it and should be finished this week. Men should also watch the female version as it addresses more of the legal consequences about being gay in Korea, and also about why identity needs to be protected carefully.
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Rubber Soul 2010

( Sources: left, unknown; right, Rubber Soul 2010 )

Apologies for the late notice, and also to Roboseyo for swiping his own post on the event:

Yes, Old Korean People Have Sex Too…

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But perhaps as you’d expect, they’re generally not using protection. A quick report from The Daily Focus on Wednesday:

Men Can’t Get Raped in Korea? (Updated)

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But in Korea at least, perhaps the most appropriate revenge would have been to inflict the same back on the rapists? For I’ve just been shocked to learn that legally speaking, men can’t actually be the victims of rape here.

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Korean LGBT Issues…

Being at 8:30am on Sunday morning, then my presentation at the ICAS 6 Conference in Daejeon last weekend wasn’t exactly well attended, but at least I did get to meet Professor Douglas Sanders of the University of British Colombia, a noted author on human rights and LGBT issues, and as it happens also the first [...]

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