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Infographic Presentation: An ESL Speaking Activity


infographic presentation

Infographic Presentation: An ESL Speaking Activity


101 ESL Activities: For Teenagers and Adults

ESL Activities For Teenagers and Adults


101 ESL Activities: For Teenagers and Adults is the book that belongs on every ESL/EFL teacher’s bookshelf. It’ll help you save time when lesson planning, guaranteed. You should consider getting the book if you fit into one of the following categories:

Tired of Wasting Time When Lesson Planning

How to Teach English to University Students

It’s That Time of Year!

English classes in Korean Universities

ESL Listening: How to Teach It

How to Teach ESL Listening


ESL Listening: Love It!

Private English Tutoring Activities for Adults

Activities for Private Teaching: 39 of Them!


39 Activities for Private Teaching

Review of Touchstone, a 4-Skills ESL Textbook for Adults

Touchstone 4

A Review of Touchstone 4-Skills ESL Textbook

Top 10 Time-Savers When Teaching in a Korean University


Top 10 Time-Savers When Teaching in a Korean University

Let’s be real. Teaching in a Korean university is probably the easiest job you’re going to ever have in your entire life. Teaching hours are light, prep + grading are usually minimal, and you have no expectations for results whatsoever.

However, some people do let the job take up a lot of their time, which could actually be spent doing other stuff. If you’re like me and have lots going on outside of work that you want to have time to do, here are my top 10 time-savers for when you’re working in a Korean university.

English Class with Korean 4th Graders (English As a Second Language)

English As a Second Language, or “teaching English”, is many things to many people. It exists on many levels ranging from a travel ticket to a serious career choice. Most people look at it as a way to have an extended stay in a place they’ve always wanted to visit. There’s nothing wrong with this. In fact, I think it’s a valid reason, and many recruiters and schools know this. Some of them will market their positions to cater to this angle.

Others, however, have approached it much differently. They are highly qualified teachers whose plan is to be part of a bigger picture in international schools or specialized private schools. They teach in subject-specific roles. If they do teach English, they need to be English majors with experience often times. Some become department heads, others, principals. These types of roles are not for the majority of “teach English” people out there.

ESL Board Games: Happy Times, Guaranteed!


Touchstone TwoNot ESL Board Games

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