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Announcing a new e-book: 500 Korean Sayings - let your iPad do the Korean talking for you!

Think of it as 500 Korean phrases if you like - either way, the idea here is a bit different from most other 'learn Korean' books. Take a look at it on iTunes, or keep reading to learn more.

Book review: Wild Korean (야생 한국어) – Sanghyun Ahn

Stop being stuck at the basic level.

Calling itself “A Fieldguide to Real Korean Conversation”, Wild Korean promises to get you conversational by the time you’re finished with the textbook. While my own book, Korean Made Easy, teaches you enough to get started and make your way around, I was delighted to hear about Wild Korean. Kudos to Ahn Sang-hyun for writing it and Jo-Anna Lynch over at The View From Over Here for her role as editor.

First Website Sponsor

At this point in time I'd like to turn your valued attention to a little banner on the right hand side of this blog, underneath the LKB fish pond. have been nice enough to pay for advertising on this humble little blog site. Not any great windfall mind you, but it will go towards keeping the photos on this blog permanently. Blogger is a great host, but photos are limited to 1 GB per account, after which you have to pay for the extra. I'm currently at 65% of capacity and will be looking to upgrade the account soon.
So please click through to their website and have a browse around. And if you want to learn Korean online with video lessons, is the place to go.

The only reason this site has attracted advertising in the first place is because you, the readers, keep coming back and maintaining a steady hit count. So I would like to thank both you and for your support.

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