Korea Blog Podcast: Korea’s English Fever, Or English Cancer?

Do all South Korean students need English in order to be a success? And why are students learning to score well on tests rather than to actually speak English? Seoul-based essayist, broadcaster, & Los Angeles Review of Books Korea Blog writer Colin Marshall joins Korea FM’s Chance Dorland to discuss the negative consequences of Korea’s ESL industry he describes as a cancer.

learning driving

I was willing to learn driving.I desparetly need to learn. Any body know where is the proper place to learn driving in Korea? Any school or institution is fine.


Thanks in advance.

Anyone interested to learn Korean together in a group? near Centum

I'm currently working full time and would like to learn Korean in the evening/weekend. If anyone is interested, we can form a study group or get a Korean tutor together.

My level is probably intermediate and I think I can improve better if there is somebody studying with me (more motivation and fun!).

I live in Haeundae-gu area, kindly contact me if you are interested to study Korean together :)

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