‘Kibot’ robot teaches Korean toddlers to read, sing and speak in multiple languages

The South Korean telecom company KT recently released the Kibot, a robot designed to teach toddlers how to read, sing and speak in different languages. In a country where becoming fluent in English is almost a prerequisite for gaining admission at the most prestigious private schools, the Kibot is a great way for working parents to make sure their toddlers are getting the education they need.

iPad2 Comes to Korea

When Is the Palm Pre Coming to Korea?

I’m in no way tech-savvy, but I don’t like the iPhone, and somehow I’m just not optimistic about a Google phone. I want my Palm back! I’m surprised, then, about how South Korean companies are lining up behind the two rivals for combat.

KT has decided to bring the Nexus One, considered the chief competition to Galaxy S, into the domestic market. With SK Telecom recently joining hands with Galaxy S manufacturer Samsung to open an offensive on the iPhone, KT has decided to do battle with the Nexus One, known as the “original Android phone,” until the next generation iPhone is released.

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