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The Hallyu wave has taken the world by storm over the past few years and its influence is palpable in all corners of the globe. Despite language barriers, men and women of all nationalities have fallen in love with Korean dramas. (And there are a slew of reasons to prove why.)

Top 13 Funny Psy Dance Moves from ‘Daddy’

He’s back.

Psy is the king of funny dance moves and his new song, “Daddy,” is filled with more than a few funny new twists that make you laugh out loud, whether you’re a Kpop fan or not!

In an appearance at Oxford University, Psy told the audience that his past five dance moves were all considered classics in Korea, and with these 13 new moves we’re pretty sure he’ll add a few new ones to the list.

Here, we count down the top 13 funny Psy dance moves from “Daddy” (feat. CL of 2NE1) and we’ve given them fitting names to boot.

Think you can handle it? Let’s do this!

Learn Korean With Kpop: Top 19 Psy ‘Daddy’ Lyrics

Want to study Korean and listen to a catchy Kpop tune at the same time?

Well, today is your lucky day! We’re back with another instalment of “learn Korean with Kpop” and today we’re going to break down the top 19 lyrics from Psy’s new song, “Daddy.”

Cat-face or puppy-face, which one is yours?

“Do you like cats or puppies?” I’m not asking you about real cats or puppies. I’m talking about the face type of a person. In Korea, it’s common to classify people’s (usually women’s) faces into cat-faces or puppy-faces based on the shapes and the ratio of eyes, nose, mouth and facial lines.

Let us explain more about each type with the examples of Korean actresses. Why don’t you run to the mirror and check which face type you have? :)

Chu Seong-hoon thought Hwang Kwanghee was gay because he used banmal

Idol news for today. In all honesty, I am sick of all of the number of articles that talk about how so-and-so was mistaken in thinking so-and-so was gay. The quality of these K-pop articles rivals TMZ in their idiocy. I'm not sure why this news story re-surfaced, but it was originally minor news back in 2012. 

Chu Seong-hoon's logic was a bit interesting here: how speaking to someone in banmal, a lower speech form in Korean, can make others infer that you are gay. It is the first I heard this, but maybe it can come off as flirtatious. Then again, everything Hwang Kwanghee does comes off as a bit, well gay.

I also think Kwanghee sounds like an idiot by deciding not to use banmal because he worried that it would make it to difficult for someone speaking a foreign language to understand. 

Drag and the spirit of lesbos in Mamamoo's latest music video

I'm not a huge fan of K-pop, but Mamamoo's Um Oh Ah Yeh played the backdrop to my vacation to Gangwon-do last week and I've been listening to it on repeat today. Cute beat, great hook, and a good deal of cross-dressing. (I would also hypothesize that Moon Byul and Whee In were playing a lesbian couple, but maybe I'm just shipping).

Free G-Dragon's KLIve Hologram Concert Tickets

Are you into K-pop? As a summer surprise, Trazy offers FREE concert tickets of G-DRAGON’s KLIVE HOLOGRAM CONCERT for those who book any events on Trazy. At the hologram concert, you can enjoy the international K-pop star G-Dragon’s performances as if it’s real. Klive ticket promotion coupon We will randomly choose 10 lucky winners for the tickets! So hurry up! Book activities during the event period (7/15 ~ 26) and be the one to enjoy G-DRAGON’s performances for free!

What Do You Know About Korea?

A must-do thing as a YG fan in Seoul!

If you’re a YG fan (or Bigbang, GD, 2NE1 or Psy’s), there is one thing that you should do when you visit Seoul.

Drum roll… Watch the Hologram Concert at Klive! :)

It’s actually even cooler than it sounds with fascinating visual effects and graphics. It felt like we were actually there at a real concert.

Psy talking to us the audience!

Just look at Psy singing Oppan Gangnam Style~! Bring back 2013!

Hi! :) I was wondering how much the tickets cost for Dream Concert?


I'm planning to watch it this coming May.. I've seen your blog about Dream Concert 2013 and I really want to experience it too.


Hi! To answer your question, there are different levels of tickets. I bought VVIP (which is on the ground floor, but a bit further from the stage) for $200 USD in 2013.

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