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Korean History

Kuiwon’s Classical Chinese Primer – Third-Person Pronouns


The Cloud Dream of the Nine (九雲夢, 구운몽) was the first Korean novel to be translated into English in 1922. It is uncertain whether the work was originally written in Hangul or Classical Chinese.

Third Person Pronouns & Demonstratives

Conclusion – Poets of the Hamlets and Streets

Songseokweon Shisa Meeting

This concludes the series on non-aristocratic poets of the hamlets and streets (閭巷詩人, 여항시인). I was previously aware that Classical Chinese literacy was not limited to only the aristocratic Yangban (兩班, 양반) elite during the Chosun Dynasty; however, I first became fascinated in the subject after having read about the slave poet Jeong Chobu (鄭樵夫, 정초부, 1714-1789). I knew very little about this subject prior to these posts, and learned quite a lot through preparing and reading about these poets. (There is still a lot I do not know.) I was fairly surprised at how many resources there were on the internet. Here are the list of poems in this series:

Yu Heuigyeong – Presented to Gyeryang

Yi Danjeon – Writing About King Gwan’s Shrine

Pak Yunmuk – The Rice Office

Jang Hon – At Jin’gwan Temple, Calling a Rime

Cho Susam – Bamboo Branch Songs on the Foreign Barbarians – Mecca

Kuiwon’s Classical Chinese Primer – Second-Person Pronouns

Painful History of Korea

The Painful History of Korea (韓國痛史, 한국통사) by Pak Eunshik (朴殷植, 박은식, 1859-1925). Published in 1915, the book covers incidents in Korean history from 1864 to 1911 leading to loss of independence.

Second Person Pronouns

Second person pronouns  (二人稱代名詞, 2인칭대명사) are those pronouns that refer to the reader or audience. Examples in English include, “you”,”your”, “thou”, “thee”, et cetera. In Classical Chinese, second person pronouns can be largely classified into two categories: (1) general use and (2) address by title.

Cha Jwail – Seeing an Axle in the Morning at Songseok

Jeong Chobu – A Lumberjack

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