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Review: KoreaTaste.org

ZenKimchi recently posted about a new Korea Tourism Organization initiative called www.koreataste.org - as I've done before with other tourism / expat websites, it's time for a review.

The Korean government has a pretty spotty reputation when it comes to websites - a bit ironic considering the technological savvy of both the country and its people. Some websites come out looking great - korea.net is one example - while others initially fell flat on their face. That the latter has improved from when I first reviewed it is hopeful.

The homepage is attractive enough:


When the Joongang proclaims "Web site has answers to expat FAQs", people sit up and read closer. Behold - koreabrand.net:

Watch out for the site's only major drawback - a slow and almost unusable 'image viewer'. It shifts and tilts as you move your mouse, which works counterintuitively. Ever play a flight simulator game and realize that pressing up (forward) actually sent you up? Good luck navigating it - for an easier time, use the more helpful categories at the top of the page:

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