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Crave Alert: Kimchi Bokkeumbap

The Reign of Korean Cuisine is Coming!

Crave Alert: Ramen Ddeokbokki… With Cheese!

Ddeokbokki (a.k.a dukbokki or tteokbokki) is a popular Korean rice cake snack dish that is commonly made with fishcakes, onions and gochujang (spicy chili paste). Being a staple Korean dish, it is usually found served up in little street carts all over Korea and Korean eateries all over the U.S. Ddeokbokki can be prepared a hundred different ways and the ddeok (rice cake) comes in different shapes like the cylinder and flat oval designs. You can find ddeok on skewers dripping with hot sauce or on a large plate in front of a hungry lot of drunken friends after a few rounds at the local suljip (Korean bar).

Crave Alert: Naengmyeon

“Excuse me waiter, my soup is cold… and DELICIOUS!” Ice cold soup could be seen as a serious complaint in any restaurant around the world, but the only complaint that we have is not having enough of it! Naengmyeon is the definition of “refreshing” on a hot summer day. The word naengmyeon actually means “cold noodles,” and the cold dish comes with julienne cucumbers, Asian pear, radishes, cold-boiled beef, and a hard boiled egg to top it all off. The soup is served in a large stainless bowl, and eaters have the option of adding hot mustard or vinegar. The noodles can be served up two ways:

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