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On Dating a Korean

I have always known that my husband isn’t a pro on dating. When we were boyfriend and girlfriend, we would either go out to see a movie or have dinner in the same restaurants or bars. Our first date was memorable, … Continue reading

What to expect when dating a Korean

I survived 3 and a half months in Korea this summer. 

Our Daily Life in Korea

I've been here almost two weeks now! Time is passing too fast.

Daejeon City is a really nice place, though not many tourist attractions. You hardly see any tourists around. The weather has been fairly good so far.

We usually wake up around noon. We are camping in the living room now haha! Not because we don't have a place to sleep but because I really enjoy the feeling of sleeping in a tent. In Singapore, the only place we get to camp is at the beach and really, it is nothing compared to a real camping experience. When we were younger, we often went camping with our taiwan family with real huge tents that could sleep the whole family and at designated camp sites in Taiwan. 

We are planning to go camping in Korea! Sometime in June when the weather is much warmer.

Consequences of Dating a Korean Guy 2,900 miles Away

A long distance relationship is not for everyone. We all know the heartaches that the distance can bring. There are certain traits that you can observe from a person who is in one - constantly doing things alone, 24/7 texting/calling, obsessed with making travel plans for the next trip etc. 

Being in a long distance relationship (with a Korean)

It is tough to be in a long distance relationship. I see friends who complain about being in a "long distance relationship" when their boyfriend/girlfriend goes on a school exchange. But being in a long distance relationship with someone from a different country or culture brings it to a whole new level.

How it began...

His first words were "Hello I am Woosun of Korea".

I have never ever expected myself to be in a long distance relationship. I'd never believed in it, never wanted one, never thought I would be in one. The communication barrier, not physically being next to each other, heart breaking airport farewells, frustrating skype connections...

But now that I am in one, I know it is the most beautiful kind of relationship. Every second spent is so precious it makes a simple movie date or home-cooked meal meaningful. If I could ever start all over again, I would not trade my relationship for any other.

Saranghaeyo, Mahal Kita (사랑해요 마할 키타)

See video

For our first anniversary, I surprised Jimmy with a dot com (mykoreanboyfriend.com). This time around, I wanted to make it a bit more special so I wrote and composed a song for him and made a music video! This is the first time that I’ve recorded a song or did anything singing-related and I’d like to thank my very good friend, Victor Asuncion, songwriter and front man of the band, Indios for co-producing this with me.

Dear bebe,

너 나 사랑해? Hahaha~ It was sooo hard keeping this a secret from you for a month! Hope you like the song. And the video. Actually, you don’t have much of a choice anyway. I made this so you have to loooove it! Who’s the lucky one now? ^^ Love you so much, love! Thanks for everything!

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