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Korean-American, and a Bboy

Feature: Michael Jung Roach

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For Your Listening Pleasure: Dana Stallard's Lost and Found Daughter

The Moth, a New York non-profit that promotes story-telling, posted an audio recording in early March by Dana Stallard, who describes her coming out experience with her family in up-state New York and her birth-family in South Korea. You can check it out at

Resource: Dari Project (우리다리)

The Dari Project is a great resource for queer Korean Americans. Here is the mission statement from their website:

Reading List: Toward a Queer Korean American Diasporic History

KAs@Work: Keish Kim of Georgia Undocumented Youth Alliance

Jenny Hyun and the Cyber Insanity

Korean-American songwriter Jenny Hyun is creating quite the stir for a string of racist comments she made via Twitter calling for, among other things, the “eradication of the black race.” All of this growing out of the overnight success of the nice kid from LA, Jeremy Lin.


Korean-American Cities: Minneapolis & St. Paul

An American Korean: Small Cultural Differences

I love being a Korean-American.

I feel I have the best of both worlds. 
I’m an American Girl, but my Korean cultural ties are a huge part of who I am.
Last year, I befriended some typical All-American guys from my apartment and met many American people through work and play.

I always thought I was very “American”… but I realized that there are a few big differences that perhaps Koreans could learn from.

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