Korean alcohol

Korean Alcohol: 7 Drinks You Need to Try!

When you think of Korea, what do you think of? K-Pop, kimchi, and Korean barbeque? What about alcohol? Korea is home to a wide variety of interesting (and delicious!) alcoholic concoctions that make enjoying a night out drinking with friends anything but boring.

Put down the beer, and read on for a list of must-try Korean alcoholic beverages that you should incorporate into your next evening out! Bottoms up!


Hanging with the Makgeolli Mamas and Papas

Although the rainy season has ended, my obsession with makgeolli (Korean rice wine) has only become stronger.  It has consumed my thoughts, really, and I've found myself on a constant search for the best flavors and makgeolli bars throughout the city.  I started to think that maybe I was the only one out there with this somewhat unhealthy infatuation, but when I came across the Makgeolli Mamas and Papas website, I was glad to know that I wasn't alone.

Crave Alert: Makgeolli

Koreans love rice, and they undeniably love alcohol. So, it’s not surprising that they figured out how to combine the two!

Makgeolli is a Korean rice wine that has a milky texture and is typically white. As an unfiltered alcoholic beverage, makgeolli is made by fermenting boiled rice, wheat, and water. That’s why makgeolli was historically popular among farmers since it was cheap and easy to make, giving itself the nickname nongju, or “farmer liquor.” Just think of makgeolli as legal moonshine for Koreans.

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