Korean adoptees

Resilience: Three Perspectives

Resilience is a documentary film about adoption, focusing on the reunion of a Korean mother and her son. 

IKAA Gathering 2010, Part 2

After the opening ceremony and associated pleasantries, the IKAA Gathering gained altitude and seamlessly switched to supercruise mode, which consisted of a meticulously pre-organised program of events. I was unable to attend for most of the week because I had cell cultures to attend to, but I made it out for the adoptee literature session.

IKAA Gathering 2010, Part 1

IKAA is a collaborative umbrella for Korean adoptee organisations around the world. Every three years since 2004, gatherings have been held in Seoul to bring everyone together under one roof. This year, that one roof was the Lotte Hotel in Seoul, a nice venue with a lot of chandeliers.

Eric's Book Launch

Unless you're an author and all of your friends are authors too, it's not often that someone you know writes a book. Eric the Pirate wrote a book recently called Remembering Koryo. If you haven't bought it yet, then you should buy it, and if you're in Korea, you can buy it at Kyobo bookstores.

Remembering Koryo

Remembering Koryo is a fascinating book written by S.K. Chae, a Korean French adoptee.

The story of Korean adoption is highly complex and prone to being misunderstood. While I don't claim to know the whole truth behind the scenes, I do know some things from my own experiences and have heard a lot more from interacting with others in the Korean adoptee community. Making claims for or against adoption is futile unless one first understands that each case is unique and that there are a multitude of societal forces at play.

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