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KTO Chorwon Tour PT.1

Last weekend I was given the chance to be a part of a tour sponsored by the Korea Tourism Organization. We were asked to head up to Chorwon near the DMZ between North and South Korea to get photos of the area and it’s scenic sites. I was stoked to go! Mostly because I would get to spend an entire weekend with some of the best photographers in Korea. These are guys that I have been talking to online for years but rarely have had the chance to meet them and especially all at once. The guys that I am referring to are none other than Steve Miller, Simon Bond, and Douglas MacDonald. We were also joined by Busan’s best Keith Homan and Marc Potgieter, who are two awesome photographers.

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Fashionista Contest for Korea-lovers


KTO Tourism Videos: Please Watch and Take a Quick Survey

Recently, I have been asked to put together a short piece on the effectiveness of Korea tourism promotional efforts. It would help me out greatly if all readers would watch the four short videos below and share their impression on a brief survey HERE.

I have no affiliation with the KTO and data from this survey will be used solely to help me put together an article for a business and economic discussion on Korea Business Central. Thanks for your time and participation.


Video 1: “Come! See! Play!”


Video 2: “Charm Lee – Head of KTO”

Review: MediTour app (Android / iDevice)

Brought to you by the Korea Tourism Organization, the MediTour app (Android and iDevices) offers ample information for those bound for a Korean medical tourism trip. With versions in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian, there’s no language barrier and few language issues to speak of. While good if you’re already coming to Korea or desiring more information, it’s missing a few things to give it the highest recommendation.

Review: KoreaTaste.org

ZenKimchi recently posted about a new Korea Tourism Organization initiative called www.koreataste.org - as I've done before with other tourism / expat websites, it's time for a review.

The Korean government has a pretty spotty reputation when it comes to websites - a bit ironic considering the technological savvy of both the country and its people. Some websites come out looking great - korea.net is one example - while others initially fell flat on their face. That the latter has improved from when I first reviewed it is hopeful.

The homepage is attractive enough:

Visit Korea - play games... sort of...

I recently came across a number of games on Korea's official tourist website - er, one of them, at least. Start by going to the Korea Tourism Organization's page of games:

Bear in mind the target audience of this website: tourists looking for information about Korea. Now, go to the KTO's main page and see if you can find the link to the aforementioned page of games.

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