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by Third Bass

Aweek ago a friend passed on an intriguing post from the Global Voices website about a new piece of proposed legislation seeking to strike back at Korean consumers taking their business overseas. It appears that,  in order to skirt the significant markups on consumer electronics, younger consumers are increasingly utilizing overseas internet retailers such as Amazon, and this is creating quite a bit of consternation among the denizens of Korea Inc. For those that reside in the ROK, the atmospheric prices―relative to those in the U.S. at least―of computers, smartphones, speakers, autos, clothing, etc., is hardly shocking news. However, those unacquainted with shopping in Korea may be puzzled to learn that even Samsung, LG and Hyundai products sell at prices often two to three times greater than those charged in the U.S. market. In fact, one disgruntled Korean consumer cited in the story points to a Korean brand TV selling for roughly $5,900 in Korea and $1,550 in the U.S. This difference is stark. 

Hangul Day!

Birth of a Written Language

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Destination: The Story of Sejong

Admiral Yi Sun-Shin overlooking Gwanghwamun Plaza and an impressive light / water show.

Not to be confused with the King Sejong Memorial Hall, the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Sejong's statue in Yeouido Park, or anything else featuring Korea's most famous king, the Story of Sejong recently opened underneath the new statue of King Sejong.

A tale of two tombs and a memorial hall

Today's travel destination is sponsored by...several dead people. That's right, it's time to see some tombs given to people somehow related to the royalty of the time. Three tombs and a memorial hall are within a kilometer of each other in Seoul's northeast corner of Cheongnyangni. Above we have the entrance to Uireung - a tomb holding the king-and-queen pair of King Gyeongjong (reigned 1720-1724) and his second Queen, Seonui. The red gate with two wooden pillars is called a 홍살문 (hong-sal-mun), and begins the sacred area of the tomb.

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