The Cutest Thing I Never Knew I Wanted

I've been having a great Birthday Weekend!  And even though I shall chronicle it more later, I wanted to share one of my awesomely cutesy gifts. 

There are few things I love more than cutesy things, nostalgia, and dinosaurs.

Yesterday Sam gave me a shrunken triceratops in a cup.  I mean what says "Happy Birthday" like a stuffed animal that promises to grow in water.  I don't know where he found it, I might need to find out, for research purposes of course.

Busan’s Trick Eye Museum

Books On Optical Illusion

The only thing which Koreans love more than taking pictures is having their picture taken. So I shouldn’t have been surprised to find in Busan an entire museum dedicated to the art of posing for funny photos. But still… I was surprised. The Trick Eye Museum, underneath the Heosimcheong Spa, is one of the most bizarre places we’ve been in a long time.

A Progression

With a large influx of new students for the summer, I feel even more thankful for my 'big kids' of Orion Class.  Teaching the eldest of the Kindergarten kiddos has its perks, which sometimes slip from my mind when I'm trying to teach the tougher classes such as Speech and Composition (yes I am trying to teach little kids to write speeches, essays, and poems).   

"Met a Trucker out of Philly had a nice long..."

Yesterday during a Dictation Exercise (yes my Kindergarteners have to do Dictation Exercises) I found this as one of the answers.

Now as beginning writers and spellers, I tell them that for Dictation that spelling doesn't matter, as long as it is something close to what the word should be, but this one made me giggle. 

Instead of 'talked' one of my kids wrote 'toke'.  I didn't want to draw attention kid for trying and making an honest mistake, but I still couldn't help myself and took a picture of it while my kids were out of the room.

From Busan with Love,

The Pink and Blue Project by Jeon Mee Yoon

Today I have a very interesting fine artist from Korea to feature~  Jeon Mee Yoon and her “Pink and Blue Project“.

♥ Click images for larger size ♥

My Eyes are Cracking

I don't remember exactly when this started in class, but according to my kindergarten students, my eyes are "cracking". 

Now almost daily one or more of them will get really close to my face look into my eyes really hard and proclaim that my eyes are cracking. It's becoming one of their new favorite things.

I will admit I don't help matters, and kind of egg them on by going on to tell the kids that my eyes crack a little more each day and that one day my eyes are going to fall right out.  Then I move my contacts around in my eyes and really freak them out.

  They're not that used to seeing hazel eyes and my eyes do have weird patterns in them, but it's just one of those great things that only a child's mind could think of.

Kid Lit

Some certain media outlets would have you believe that as a teacher I am pushing my own agenda onto my students.  And they're right.

It is my mission this year to push my personal agenda of great books!

Thankfully my school is the perfect place for this.  We are stocked with a GIANT library of English story books.  We are so lucky to have such a have a huge selection.  There is everything from Curious George and Dr. Seuss classics to "How do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight" which is a book I bought for my cousin's son this past Christmas.

I teach a weekly current events Kindergarten class called "Current Issue," which has turned into "Jenna-teacher-gets-to-pick-her-favorite-books-to-read-at-story-time", and so far the response from the kiddos has been great.


Because it is Monday,  and I feel like this:

 because I am in a fight with my dear friend writer's block, and feel like I'm about this good at hiding from it: 

Kindergarten: How We Work

The other day I found this photo that I had already forgotten about.  It was taken of me and my kindergarten class on the first of our Monthly Field Trips, and man does it accurately portray the dynamic of my class even now (although I will say they are a lot better than they once were).

Kindergarten Gangsters

There's a new fashion trend that has been adopted by one of my kindergarten boys- faux 90's low riding!

Yes you read right low ride pants- or sort of.  Faux-riding?  Even if I don't know exactly what to call it, I do know how to spot it. 

One of my Kindergarten boys, Leo, has multiple pairs of these pants.  And I know I thought they were weird at first, but it wasn't until I was with a friend a few weekends ago and saw them on another little boy and he was slightly flabbergasted by them, did I think about how weird they really are. 

Sorry for the picture quality, I didn't want to tell one of my more self-conscious students to bend over so I could take pictures of his weird pants- so I had to do it quasi-stealthily.

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