We Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts!

Yesterday we had our school Halloween Party.  As part of the party there was a singing contest where each class sang a song.  Everyone did such a great job, and the little ones were super cute.  I was very impressed with all the classes- since we had little over a week to practice.  One of the classes did the Who’s “Boris the Spider” which was awesome to have these little kids basically growling.

Basically, this is what happens when I am told I can pick any Halloween song for my Kindergartens:

We finished strong- even though some of the kids were very shy.

When You Teach Kindergarten…

… you talk about a lot of weird things, and here is a taste courtesy of my crazy and loveable little monsters.

1. I asked my kids the other day what my Halloween costume should be.                                                      Some of the answers include:
a giraffe, a marker, Ironman, a table, a window (can you tell they were just looking around the classroom?)and my favorite- A TOOTHBURSH. Part of me wants to try to make a toothbrush headpiece to really surprise them.  I would not be the first according to the Internet.


Moving to South Korea as foreigners

Hi everyone!

I am Naomi and this is my first time writing in a forum. I have read plenty before , but I didn't find anything related enough to the question I have.

Maybe someone with the same experience can help,o or just anyone for that matter.

Me and my Boyfriend,Koen want to live in Korea. I don't think this should be a problem,as many foreigners do this. But my question is, our names especially our last names are a big hastle for any Koreans to pronounce. I know this because I have loads of Korean friends who live here with us in Belgium.


I would like to know if we want to permanently live there, that we get Korean names somehow? and what about if we decide to have a baby? would that child be named: (ex. Sora Hallemans(my bfs family name) or does she get a korean last name?

Neither of us is of Korean descent . I'm Japanese,Filipina Belgian and my boyfriend is just Belgian.


Happy 추석!!

Happy 추석(Chuseok), or Happy Thanksgiving!

The next few days in Korea are a time to honor family, eat traditional foods such as 잡채 (japchae) and rice cakes, and if you’re my students- look traditionally adorable.

This also means a fantastic 5 day break!

With so much free time, my friend Sam and I are going to go wander around some of Korea’s islands.  We both wanted to go somewhere new so the plan is to go to Namhae and maybe Tongyeong, or somewhere else if all the buses are booked. I’m really excited to get out into the country a bit, and see some new parts of Korea I have yet to experience.

Dance with SANBA

Dance with SANBA

Two school boys, taking advantage from the off day given by their school to play with the elements during SANBA Typhoon.

The kid was soaked by the wave but ended up safe and sound, except maybe for a cold later on ...

Taken in Kkotpawi, Ulsan.

300: A Countdown


I’ve always been better with words, but today is a good occasion for some numbers.

When Animals Get Wheels

Last weekend, along with finding the Love Bug, I found the weirdest mode of transportation- at the same mall. 

There's this cool below ground mall in Seomyeon set within the apartment complex called 'the Sharp'.

Hello, Kitty

Around the corner from my apartment, lives the cutest place in the world.

It's also kind of hard to miss... and it may be everything you expect Asia to be.

I'm a Rocket, Man!

The Fourth of July is not only the holiday I almost share my Birthday with, but also my favorite summer holiday.  Since you don't get the day off of work for another country's Independence Day, we decided to teach the kids about the Fourth and America. 

While trying to do some planning for the lesson, I was looking at Pinterest for some craft and/or activity ideas and came upon this awesome activity.   It had a lot of things going for it:  it was cute and interesting (+1),  it was easy enough that I didn't have to make them all myself (+5),  it took a lot of time (+10), and it used things I already had either at home or at school so I didn't have to buy anything special for it (+100).  Plus, even after we were all finished and the confetti was cleaned up they wanted to do it all over again (+1000).

Kids Give the Best Cards

Korean kids give the best Birthday Cards.  It has happened enough that I will claim it as fact.

Both of the Birthdays I have spent in Korea have been highlighted by amazingly sweet cards from my students.   

 My most prized 'thing' I took away from the year I spent at Daegyo Elementary was my Birthday card from the girls in 6-3 class.  They wrote me little notes and drew me a great picture and even laminated it for me.  It has since been hung up in both the places I lived last year, and is waiting at my Mom's house for when I come back. 

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