This Week Out There – May 4th – 10th

A selection of this week’s expat-related stories



Saved By Island Kids in the Philippines

island kids-3

Between El Nido and Coron: Tao

Sneak Peek Korea – Halloween Madness!

Sneak Peek Korea is a video series in which I made videos into all the extra footage I get that doesn’t make it into a proper video, and is largely unedited! I film a lot of my life and want to share as much as I can with you, because you seem to like it! :) Before I would just scrap extra footage I didn’t think was good enough for it’s own video, but I hope to instead provide little sneak peeks of my life in Korea, unscripted. Let me know in the comments if you enjoy these kinds of videos!

The Good, The Bad, The Impossible All Have Something to Teach Us

Hey, teachers, both ESL and good old fashioned first language educators: do kids annoy the shit out of you sometimes? Oh, absolutely! Children are unpredictable as hell. One day, the little angel can turn into a little asshole. Heck, they can do that in the span of one class. Then there are the ones who are never nice, the little sociopaths seem to want to stop at nothing to turn your psyche into a puddle of sad goo, waiting to be dumped into the nearest drain, flushed away with your self-esteem, hopes and dreams.

But not all experiences are like the bleak picture described above. If they were, I am not sure anyone would have the fortitude to withstand a day in a classroom, let alone a year. For those that could, you get my eternal gratitude, and any drugs I could find for you.

Even the assholes usually have a reason why they are assholes. And, like their swing toward terror from angel, terrors do occasionally swing back to angel, often unexpectedly.

Flea Marketing

Myself and Herself have half a kind of a hobby these days. By these days I mean Autumn, as its kind of a seasonal thing. We go to flea markets and sell our *ahem* stuff.

The reason why we say it’s kind of a hobby is because we’ve only ever done it three times, and at the same time we only have so much to sell. But yeah, we’re well into it. We’ve a big black suitcase packed full of old but decent clothes, a few other bits a and pieces, as well as our mat for sitting on, and we head off and start selling our stuff. It’s good fun, social, and we usually come out with a few quid in our pocket.

I think it’s kind of a fad at the moment, because there seem to be flea markets for all sorts of occasions. There are a couple of charity ones, and of course there’s one in Hongdae, and for some reason they seem to be getting a lot of attention of late. Don’t ask me why. Probably because of Hongdae, but who am I to presume?

Hanbok Day at the Hagwon!

In the last post we highlighted the Chuseok gifts given to Evan by his students at the hagwon. For the Chuseok holiday Evan’s hagwon also had a day where the students and teachers all wear hanbok(traditional Korean clothes) and play traditional Korean games! This is a really common event at hagwons, but don’t expect any events like this at public school! (Unless you work at a really small school)

As Evan mentions in the video, this is a great example of a (one of the few) positives to having a private school job. You often get to participate in fun events, holiday parties, and get more one on one interaction with students than you do at at public school.

Check out Evan in hanbok, and his adorable students in our most recent video! :)

We went on a field trip to Oeam Folk Village in Asan (아산 외암마을)....

My students have recently become fascinated with poop....

My students have recently become fascinated with poop. Specifically, me… pooping… They draw pictures of me pooping several times a week. At first, it made me laugh. Now, I don’t know what to think. I hope this a phase they grow out of quickly. Everybody poops, you know.

My old hagwon used to have monthly birthday party celebrations...

My old hagwon used to have monthly birthday party celebrations (see here and here), but my new hagwon does it so much better!

I remember pretty vividly the first time I cheated in school. I...

I remember pretty vividly the first time I cheated in school. I was sitting next to a cute blonde haired, blue eyed boy. He had a feminine name like Ashley, but his name wasn’t Ashley. We were learning about Earth in class. I think it was second grade. Most of the page was coloring and it only had one question. He whispered to me, asking the answer. I said I didn’t know.

He said he’d write “yes” as his answer if I wrote “no.” Even though I was young, I remember thinking he was cute, and that I probably would have done anything he asked. I wrote “no” as my answer. I watched him write “yes” as his answer. We both had shit-eating grins on our faces as we turned in our pages to the teacher.

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