Top 10 ESL Icebreakers


If you’re looking to get your semester started off on the right foot, then you’ll need to use a few of these ESL icebreakers. They’ll help the students get to know each other and you as well. By starting your classes off with some ESL icebreakers, you’re setting yourself up for a successful semester.

Keep reading for the top 10 ESL icebreakers. You can see the detailed activity description by clicking the links!

#1: Ball Toss

Top 10 ESL Review Activities and Games

Terrible ESL textbook: Help is Here!

Terrible ESL Textbook Doesn’t Have to Mean a Terrible Class


How to Teach English Conversation

Trivia for Kids: Lesson Planning Made Easy!


Trivia for Kids as well as Adults

Trivia is one of my favourite ways to begin my classes. It’s a light-hearted way to ease your students into using English and it also is a great way to expand student’s general knowledge as well as vocabulary.

The only problem is that it can be pretty hard to find trivia that is challenging yet has language easy enough for students who don’t speak English as their first language.

Private Teaching ESL Activities and Games

Private Teaching Activities and Games


English Central: YouTube for English Teaching


English Central: YouTube for English Teaching!

Top 5 ESL Warm-Up Activities


Top 5 ESL Warm-Up Activities

ESL Warm-up activities are an excellent way to begin class because they ease students back into using English again. In many cases, the last time students thought about or spoke English was in your class last week! Here are five of my favorite ESL warm-up activities that I use in my own classes in a Korean university.

Vocabulary Auction: A Fun Game for ESL Students


Vocabulary Auction: Preparation

Refusing to Participate in Class: How to Handle It

students refusing to participate

A Student Refusing to Participate in Class

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