Half Korean Basketball Player Moon Tae-Jong Representing Korea

Korean Pro-Basketball: Waygookin (외국인) on the Court!

Written 3/4/2011

Today, before beginning a 6th grade lesson, one of my students shouts: "You, basketball! You, basketball!" About to burst out laughing, not because of the the incomplete sentence, but because I knew exactly what he was talking about, I say: "Oh my gosh, you were there too?" and him and his giant smile nodded yes.

It was last Friday night and myself and a couple friends were intent on proving our Anyang loyalty at a professional Korean basketball game. Anyang Ginseng Corporation (AGC) was playing Busan Alleh KT Sonicboom. Now there are many differences between the NBA and Korean Basketball League (KBL), but the most obvious are the team names. In the NBA, they symbolize pride, familiarity, and intimidation, but in the KBL, they are merely a representation of the team's sponsoring corporation.

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