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 Please use this forum thread to post any comments about teacher salaries.  These can be general thoughts or refer to specific ads.  General posting polices (no insults, rudeness, etc.) still need to be maintained.  For general job advice, please post in the  Job Seeking Advice thread. 

General Job Seeking Advice

 What advice do you have for those looking for work in Korea?  What are things to watch out for and how can people find reputable employers?

Question from a reader: jobs that AREN'T teaching English?

A reader writes in with a good question:

I'm teaching in Korea right now, and I would like to stay here beyond my current year contract, but in addition to thinking about getting a new teaching job, I want to look for other non-teaching jobs, since I'm a writer. Do you have any advice as to where to find English job listings from places looking to hire English speakers? Thanks!

As cosmopolitan as Korea tries to be, there isn't yet a huge supply of jobs for non-Koreans outside of the English teacher field. Part of the problem is the obvious issue of applying - and getting - a visa from Korea. What the average teacher doesn't see is a number of steps that the employer has to take to keep you legal. Opening and operating a business as a foreigner is even harder, although Seoul has been trying to make it easier of recent.

A few places to look for non-teaching jobs in Korea:

ATEK Presidential Debate

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 - 21:00

The Association of Teachers of English in Korea (ATEK) will be holding a live debate/discussion with the candidates for Association President.  

Change of plans: This discussion will not be streamed live.  A recording will be posted soon after the discussion is finished, however. 

Integrating job ad feedback

 It's our first week of using the interface and someone just posted a detailed negative comment on a job ad.  My first thought, was 'uh-oh, here comes the blacklist kind of stuff - shields up!'.  In the past, we have always avoided any kind of black list postings out of concern for things getting out of hand, the challenge of maintaining some sense of civility and fairness, and potential legal concerns.  Howerver, if ever there was a time to reconsider this, it is now.

I Dream of Korea

In a former life, I was a 26-year-old late bloomer who never lived away from home, save the two years I was in the college dorm bubble at Alfred University. I slept in the same room since I was 10, writing for a weekly newspaper, coasting.

And then, I was living in South Korea.

It was almost four years ago. Two years out of college and still the idea of teaching English in South Korea was firmly in my head. It had began with a post on the college's job forum I read one day during Magazine Writing, which involved little to no writing because our professor did little to no actual teaching.

"See the world! Learn a new culture! Get paid!"

Or something like that. I had always envied those who got the opportunity to travel cross-country or across Europe, while I always felt that was out of reach because I was thousands of dollars in debt from credit card bills, and over $10,000 in debt from student loans. All that travel would have to wait.

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