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Our Weekend: Hunting for Moon Bears on Jirisan

I'm giving myself a congratulatory pat on the back as we speak! I managed to get up the highest mountain in Korea, and back down again without tears or seriously hurting myself! Hurray!

The trip started out not so great. We just stepped through the door of Nick's apartment late on Friday night when I realised I'd left my trainers at mine, across the other side of the city. It took me about 50 minutes to get home on the metro, just to pick them up. I was trying not to see it as a bad omen as i crawled into bed after 12, with the alarm set for 4:45am. Ouch.

Another Weekend, Another Hike - Jirisan's Unbong (운봉) –Inwol (인월) Trail

This weekend David and I explored Mount Jirisan. Jirisan has many different hiking trails. We chose to walk the Unbong (운봉) –Inwol (인월) Trail (Distance: 9.4 km, Time: around four hours) The trail was easier than we thought as it was very flat. It was well sign posted with red arrows and there was a well defined path.

Two Biggies in Two Weeks: Seoraksan and Jirisan

My hiking group does these trips identified as overnighters. Don't get the term confused with a weekend trip, say, departing on a nice Saturday afternoon, staying in a hostel/motel/hotel, a brisk hike the next day and then going home in the early evening. No, they are definitely not that. Instead, they entail meeting at a rented bus at 11:30pm on a Friday night (after a full days work), traveling 3-4 hours in the night/"sleeping," and starting a climb up a mountain at 3-4 am in the dark. The hikes will last 12-16 hours and we'll head back for home late in the night.

Favorite Day in Korea: 지 리산 (Jirisan) Hike