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Jeju island

Bi-Weekly Top Trazy Contributors (July 16~29)

Congratulations once again Fat Girl, newcomer Ellie P and Jennie S. There were a lot of new participants this week although they couldn’t make it to the top 3.



An Interview with Joey Rositano, Photographer of Jeju Shamanism

Joey Rositano is not your ordinary expat. Hailing from Nashville, the Tennessee native has called Jeju-do, an island off the southern coast of South Korea, home for the past nine years. 


I tried to wirte this post like 100 times, but all of those failed attempts made it look like I was complaining because it wasn't really the Paradise I was expecting lol, but if you want to read more about it, you can check my sis' blog post here, now that I look at it, she didn't write much either, but she has better pictures lol.

All in all, I did enjoyed our 3 day trip to the Island and I'm looking forward to go back with a better weather since we went in the middle of october and it was pretty chilli hehe.

2013 Gangjeong Grand March for Life and Peace


For more information on how to participate physically in the march, to offer one’s talents/work, to volunteer, or to offer a message of solidarity, please click here.

4 Days with the International Peace March from Jeju to Jiri Mountain

By Dae Han Song

The International Peace March started July 3rd at Gangjeong Village and continues until July 27th – the 60 year anniversary of the Armistice Agreement – when rallies will be held in front of the US Embassy and Military bases in Seoul calling for a peace treaty to finally conclude the Korean War. Along the way, marchers will visit sites of the Korean War and ongoing struggles to reflect upon the connections between war, military spending, and division to militarization, social welfare, and political repression.

 Day 1

picture 1

Golden Buddha at the Sanbangsan Mountain

Jeju island, located in the South of South Korea itself was formed due to a volcanic activity. The Sanbangsan Mountain, located in the South West corner of the island, was formed some 800,000 years ago with the cooling down of viscous lava from the volcanic eruption. I loved the unique, almost flaky texture and interesting patterns in the mountain.

Jeju-ography: Exploring the exotic island of Jeju with a camera phone in hand


Island of the Gods- Jeju-do

Map of jeju-do from lookat korea

First Full Moon Festival


Jeju Named One of the New 7 Wonders of Nature (Almost)


Jeju Island Naval Base Construction Facing Strong Resistance

Destination: U-do / Biyang-do (Jeju-do) – part 2 of 3

Day trips don’t get any better – but there’s a catch. 

Welcome to Cow Island – yes, Udo does sort of resemble a sitting cow. Thus, the name fits, if such a thing matters much. While Jeju features enough places to keep most travelers busy for a week, the tiny 5.9 sq. km. Island requires a half-day. Good thing, too – despite the minbak (family-run hotel) and pensions around, it’s easy to tell apart the locals from the tourists.

Jeju Pt 1: Land of Oranges, Pigs and Lovers

MAY: Jeju Island, the perfect getaway to spend time with the girls. Though, technically, it’s a “Honeymooner’s Paradise”. The three chicas and I thought, “hey, what the heck? May as well enjoy its beauty”. We all had a must-see added to the list of things to do, but what made it easier and complete was renting a car. Can’t have a girl’s weekend without making it a road trip right?

[Fourteen] Teddy Bear Museum (Jeju Island Part II)

Dear readers,

I hope that you're having a great day, wherever you may be. 그리고, 좀 있으면 벌써 2011년이네요!
모두들 새해 복 많이 받으세요! The new year is just around the corner! I wish you many blessings for 2011!

I never had the chance to do a part II for my blog entry on Jeju Island, so I thought that I would share some pictures that I took at the Teddy Bear Museum there. It's an amazing place, if you like teddy bears. :)

South Korea Adventure #12- Jeju Island 제주도 Conclusion

Well I made my goal of going around Jeju. Even if it meant getting completely soaked. I did miss out on some things that I would like to have seen because of the rain but am still glad I made the trip over. I had heard a lot of hype about Jeju before I went. I can't say it lived up to those expectations. It is definitely nice, but still very similar to most of Korea. There is an unusual amount of museums on Jeju. Almost one for anything you can think of. I checked out all the sex ones. They were definitely worth checking out. Seeing Jeju my motorcycle is definitely the way to go. It appears there are busses that go all the way around but it looks like you could spend a lot of time walking, as things can be a little ways from the bus stops. The traffic is also pretty light compared to bigger cities in Korea, which makes the riding enjoyable.

Boats to Bogildo

One of my professors in a first-year university class told us that writers are lucky.  Through the process of recording and thus reflecting on our experiences, he said, we get to “live twice.”  Somehow September has appeared and the Coco Busan blog is still riding the Coco July Vacation wave, as I’ve got an island called Bogildo to show you, a magic beach called Yesongri, and a tea plantation I hiked up into on the final morning of my week away. 

Where the Lava Flowed: Manjanggul Cave

Ever since I found myself belly-worming through an increasingly dark and unexpectedly narrow crevice in a cave in Vang Vieng, Laos, a few years back, I’ve been sketchy about spelunking.  Something about the cold, damp walls pressing in on both shoulders and the inability of the local boys guiding us to clarify how far the exit was gripped me with my first-ever claustrophobic pang.  Probably the worst thing you can think of during a moment like that is the possibility of an earthquake, but that of course is what crossed my mind.

“Dude,” I remember saying to my friend Melissa, who was edging her way forward on the ground behind me, “I don’t like this anymore.”

“Me neither,” she said.  “Keep going.”

Slavish Korean Parents and Their Enslaved Children

Perhaps in some meaningless way, these South Korean parents are rebellious. They want a “western-style” education with no demand to challenge government authorities for all their money can buy.

“We will do everything humanly possible to create an environment where your children must speak English, even if they are not abroad,” Jang Tae-young, a Jeju official, recently told a group of Korean parents.

translation: we will continue Korean methods in a foreign language, and make you pay “top dollar” for it.

I’ve also told students, too, that it doesn’t matter what you study, as long as one has a plan. There’s no magic answer, and English competence will not solve anything. Besides, only a small percentage of people can learn a foreign language. For the majority, such flogging is a waste of time and money.

[Thirteen] Jeju Island Part I

 Dear readers,

Today I will begin introducing you to some of the beautiful places I visited in Korea. For this entry, I will focus on one place I visited while I was in Jeju Island.

Jeju Island is the biggest island in South Korea located at the Southern tip of the penninsula. The Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes was designated as a UNESCO heritage site in 2007. (Don't worry folks; although the island is covered by dark-brown volcanic rock and volcanic soil, the volcano is dormant)

A couple interesting facts about Jeju:

After the Beach, the Temple

In the Rough Guide to Korea, my guru Norbert calls Yakcheonsa one of Jeju’s most magical experiences.  The best time to arrive, he writes, is 7 pm on a summer evening, when “worshipping locals chant under the interior glow with their backs to the sunset.”

So I hiked a staircase at the end of Jungmun Beach, grabbed a cab from the Hyatt hotel, and missioned to the temple, which was built in the 1990′s and, according to Norbert, is considered one of the most impressive in the country, despite its less-than-historical 20th-century roots.



In a smaller sunlit hall to the left, these guys sat perched…


The Pacific, a Book, and So Much Blue

After the falls,

the beach.




Waterfalls for Melissa

The winter I was 21 I backpacked through Southeast Asia for two months with three other girls, my old Pentax K1000, and a second-hand guitar.  We landed in Malaysia, wove north through Thailand, and after boating down the Mekong River to a town called Champasak, parted ways in Southern Laos, from which I ventured to Vietnam alone.  Two weeks later we met back up at the airport in Kuala Lumpur and flew to Melbourne. 

The trip remains one of the larger landmarks in my life, shooting up out of the memory plains like a mountain.  Leaving Vietnam I wished more than anything I could stay on and go through to Cambodia.  But the money had dwindled to very little, our two months was up, and my passport held a work visa for Australia.  Time, as it continues to do, required that change occur.

Time Travel on Route 97, Jeju

This isn’t the time travel part.



Jeju Morning: Volcano Crater and a Country Stroll

Rarely do I rise before 10 a.m. 

But the guidebook said Jeju’s ‘Ilchulbong’–a volcanic crater on the East Coast in a town called Seongsan–was the first place on the island to spot the “orange fires of dawn.”  A sunrise sounded good.  Really good.  So after the Busan plane touched down on a Saturday afternoon, I caught a bus from Jeju-city that rolled along the North coast for an hour or so, checked into a minbak, and wandered out to find dinner–with a crater view, of course.



It was just a light snack.


Going South (and west, and north, and back)

Back home to my Busan pad after an eight-day vacay into the south of South Korea…land of islands, mountains (okay, this whole country is covered in mountains), volcanoes, trees so lush they appear to burst from the countryside, flat-stone, black-rock, and gold-sand beaches, caves and waterfalls, too much rice, and permed ajummas renting floor mats to stretch out on for the night.  

Beijing Goes After Michael Corleone

Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama (L), South Korean President Lee Myung-bak (C) and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao pose with elementary school students of their countries as they arrive to bury a time capsule and plant a tree in Seogwipo on Jeju island May 30, 2010.

“Listen, whoever comes to you with this Barzini meeting, he’s the traitor. Don’t forget that.” No matter how it’s translated, the PRC’s prime minister still sounds like the threat the Godfather warns Michael to expect.

A Conference in Jeju - Part Deux

Not long after we arrived in Jeju, our professors decided that the conference seminars were not that important and we would instead go sightseeing around the island. I did get an inkling that it was a foregone conclusion before we even left Seoul, but to ponder such matters is not very useful. Jeju is one of the highlights of Korea and well worth the short flight from Seoul.


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