2015 October Makgeolli Festival!


2013 Busan Sunset Live Preview (Part 1)

At the end of every summer, great bands from every corner of Korea, Japan and beyond converge upon some idyllic place near Busan and make a party. Pure and simple. No pretensions, no stress, no worries. It’s called Sunset Live and it’s the little brother of one of the largest reggae festivals in the world.

musicians wanted: guitar, bass, clarinet, violin

I'm a guitarist trying to form an acoustic gypsy jazz group to perform in clubs around Daegu and Busan. Looking for an acoustic guitarist, stand up baas player, violinist and a clarinetist (sax, or other instruments that lend themselves to gypsy jazz ok)

Soul Power Vol 2 feat Iron Mic

Friday, June 15, 2012 - 21:00

OFFICIAL EVENT PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/events/400021930041912/

HBC Fest – A grainy and blurred photographic reflection

Yesterday was, of course, the HBC Fest. It was very colourful, especially if you consider the busfuls of cops that turned up to help us out with crowd control. It’s good to see that our taxes are eventually getting their money’s worth, especially when it comes to the 5-O. Anyway, I’m sure that the prominence of the cops has well advertised on the Korean blogosphere. This suits this post perfectly as I don’t intend on sharing any pictures of the cops – although I did see one great picture of some guy standing in and helping out the cops as crowd control which was hilarious… Anyway more about the cops later…

The IMF Comes to Yeongtong!

Roll up! Roll up! The IMF is coming to Yeongtong-dong in Suwon!

Don’t all run for your bank books just yet – it’s the International Music Festival, not the International Monetary Fund :D

Myself and herself, or I should say herself, has taken over the running of Sansudawon, a traditional Korean tea café in Yeongtong in Suwon. We are currently in the process of changing a few things. Most important of these changes are some new introductions to the menu, like curries, sandwiches, soups, and wine – including Irish wine a.k.a. Guinness.

Interview: Sour Mash

Author's note: A version of this article appears in September 2010's issue of the Groove Magazine. All photos posted here are my own, and may differ from the printed article.

In case the name isn't familiar, sour mash is used as part of the distillation process for making whiskey. It's also the name of a "bluesy / jazzy / country" band here in Korea that also brags to be "boozegrass music", I got the chance to sit down with Sour Mash over some Dos Tacos and learn about their music.

Destination: Seoul International Jazz Festival (2010)

As expected, the Seoul International Jazz Festival lived up to its name. With different styles of jazz - and songs sung in different languages - the event was about as international an event as Seoul has had in quite awhile. Read Gord Sellar's review as well.

I didn't get the opportunity to attend all three nights of the event - Sunday evening was the only night I got to see. After an introduction and a few words from the MC, the first band kicked off.

Destination: Jarasum Jazz Festival 2009 (Gapyeong)

Presenting the South Mountain Jazz Orchestra at the Welcome Post.

As mentioned in this month's schedule, the 6th annual Jarasum Jazz Festival was one of the better jazz performances I've seen in person. A few flaws kept it from being an even better show, but it's an event I'll be looking for next year when October rolls around again.

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