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Itaewon Festival

Every day is a festival in Seoul. There are festivals for a particular flower when it blooms, festivals for the seasons, for foreigners, and many many more! Festivals are also celebrated to introduce the people to a particular area / museum / monument that has been recently open to public. Pretty good tactics!

Wolhyang – Itaewon (월향 3호점)


Name: Wolhyang (월향)

Location: Itaewon

Creatures of the Night: Itaewon Edition

Tourists, travel bloggers, K-Pop enthusiasts and all you lovely people of the Internet: This is Fred Colton, intrepid armchair anthropologist, reporting live from the main drag of Seoul’s famed Itaewon district at 11:45 on a Saturday night.

I’m en route to tonight’s hotspot of choice (more on that in a moment), making a casual traverse along a low, curving canyon of bars with names such as Geckos and SinBin and clubs with names like Cake Shop and Pet Sounds. This region is bracketed from the west by both a mosque and the notorious Hooker Hill, while a US Army Garrison rests down the slope to the east. Some off-duty soldiers hustle past me in a tight pack, trying to get back on base before curfew. Hmm, now wait a tick. These gentlemen don’t look like Muslims leaving prayer time. I’d give you two guesses as to where they just left, but you’re only gonna need one.

Cargo 127: Craft Beer and Pub Grub Perfection in Itaewon

One of the biggest culinary trends to hit South Korea over the past couple years is that of craft beer.  Subsequently, microbreweries and small gastropubs have been mushrooming throughout Seoul, particularly in the neighborhoods of Itaewon, Gyeongnidan and Haebangchon.

Each of these watering holes offers up their own specialties, all of which are nice alternatives of tasteless Cass, watery OB and the rest of Korea's substandard brews.  One of the best places to get in on the craft action is Cargo 127 in the heart of Itaewon.

The Maoul Bus*

I walked up and down the street looking for the bus stop on the opposite side of the street. Where I was going was only four stops away in that direction, but I soon realised that the bus only went in the opposite direction, which left me a good fifteen stops away. I bit the […]

Another Queer Weekend

I'm a little late with this (I need to post things about the weekend by Thursday morning for it to be ready for the Korean weekend?!?) but thought I'd post some info about gay parties tonight, Saturday, October 5th in Seoul. G2 Club is having a party tonight. It is Tong's Night! (Tong as in fatty 통?)

Another Queer Weekend!

This weekend is quite queer. And, like always, comment if I'm missing any events.

Uniq, where do you even come up with these taglines? This Friday, touch some c***. Or get my butt in the real dark?

The new Club Action in Itaewon has a party Saturday night. This looks like Korean music from the 80s and 90s.

New Clubs in Itaewon: Gray and Action

Ivancity has had promos for these two clubs ever since I've left Korea. Has anyone been?

Another Queer Weekend

Not just another queer weekend, but another queer party opening up! This one is called 'Gray', and opens on Saturday in Itaewon.

They are across from the fire station in Itaewon. As this map kind of shows...

Another Queer Weekend

If you want to check out a new place this weekend, you can head to Around in the Jongno area.
The bar boasts 'Worldwide Fun'. Whatever that means. They had their grand opening yesterday. Here is a map to Around (right out of Jongno 3 Ga exit 7 in the basement). Actually, I'm not positive it is a bar...

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