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Introducing a new Seoul travel app – and win a copy for you and a friend!!

Presenting the Seoul Taxi Guide, the newest app to help you travel around Seoul and the nearby area. Produced by Hoodhot Travel and with content written by yours truly, there’s information on thousands of attractions, bars, restaurants, hotels, and plenty more. Keep reading for a chance to win a free copy for you and a friend!

Review: Seoul Bus (iDevice app)

The Seoul subway system has been covered in the iDevice universe time and time again. The Seoul bus system, however, has only seen a couple releases - almost entirely in Korean, and . I'm quite happy to have discovered this app recently - it was only released in September - and am equally happy to pass it onto you.At its simplest, Seoul Bus gives you information on virtually every bus and bus

Review: Seoul Metro Tour app (Korean sauna edition)

Even as more foreigners are picking up the iPhone and iPad, I find myself sticking with an iPod Touch - and a full-fledged netbook computer better able to do the heavier lifting. There are times when one or the other is preferred; in this case, looking up the subway lines is an easy job for the iPod Touch.

Enter this free app - SeoulMetroTour Lite - into the mix. After starting the program, you can tap your way into a Seoul subway system map completely in English. Tap on Sights (as above) to highlight a number of tourist-friendly destinations.

Review: iTourSeoul - iPhone / iPod app

Produced by the official tourist website visitseoul.net, iTourSeoul has a long way to go. The biggest problem is the lack of useful data sans a Wi-Fi connection, but another problem is odd design.

Imagine coming to tour a foreign country with little more than your iDevice for a travel guide. Sure, Lonely Planet books are around, and there is plenty of other tourist information available - but you want it on your iDevice, darnit! While not perfect, iTourSeoul does offer a decent amount of help - if you can get a WiFi signal.

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