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5 (Bad) Options for Dealing w/ NK (2): China & Bribery don’t Work either



Part 1 is here.

I spoke at the Korean Institute of Defense Analysis last week. This is an expansion of my remarks. In part 1, I argued that the first option, negotiation, would fail. Here are three others that I don’t think have lead anywhere either.

5 (Bad) Options for Dealing with NK (1): Don’t Expect Much from Talks


So off I went last Thursday for yet another conference on how to deal with NK. Honestly, this like a cottage industry here. I spend so much time on NK, it amazes me. If unification ever happens, it is going to bankrupt thousands of academics and think-tankers around the world…

Syria Sanctions failed b/c of R2P Overreach in Libya – get out Nato

In the last 6 weeks, I warned that if NATO kept the operation in Libya rolling, it would tarnish the responsibility to protect doctrine (

Some Media on the 9/11 Anniversary and Libya

9/11 a Decade later (2): Flirting with Empire


Part 1 of this post is here.

9/11 a Decade Later (1): The Apocalypse that Wasn’t…




The commentary will be endless, so here are a few I thought were good.

First, a few thoughts on what to avoid:

Libya Lessons (2): NATO is No Longer Necessary – Get Out Now


Part one of this post is here. Here are a few more lessons to draw:

Libya Lessons (1): Don’t Gloat, but Liberal Interventionism did Work

Part 2 of this post will come on Thursday.

There is a lot of commentary, of course, on the war. I think, this, this, and this are a good start. Here are my own thoughts:

Think You Can Do Grand Strategy in Asia? (It’s Really Hard Actually…)


Regular readers will know that I part-time consult for a geopolitical consulting firm called Wikistrat, and this competition is a cool idea, especially for the IR types who likely read a blog like this. Graduate students especially should sign up for it. (And if you think you can hack it as an analyst, and you have some decent credentials, contact them. Good analysts are always in demand.)

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