A Letter to My Seven Month Old Daughter


Dear +1,

Look at you with your smiles and shitty nappies, you are the world too me. You may not realise it as you are undoubtedly focusing on something you just saw and must now touch, but it’s true, you mean so much to me.

I am writing to you today as I wish to part with some advice. As you are young it is hard for you to understand much, and as you are young it is your natural inclination to believe that you are 100% correct about everything. If the truth be told you will not learn the fallacy of this until you are, well probably close to your own deathbed many years from now.

“Dokdo is ours” is unhappy with the Korea Times

He is shooting at an easy target, but also one in clear need of shooting.

The Korea Times has a short article about Jennifer Aniston.  A quote:

They move down to Atlanta, Georgia, and have become a hippi couple. The couple who want to be free from the world, the cloth will be handcuffs for them.

Dokdo Is Ours interviews the copy editor to try to find an explanation for the remarkable English.  He is right to do so, but if things change at the Times, his own job will become that much tougher.

Oh, he also includes a screenshot of the article which is wise because it should be pulled soon.  I noticed it this morning and am surprised it is still up nine hours later.

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