A Love Letter to Dublin

I’ve been getting inspiration for posts from other bloggers these days. This post’s inspiration comes from Brian Fishbone, a community builder and professional whom I know from his time here in Korea. Brian is now based in Philadelphia, where I also have family, and he has chosen to make this city his home for over a decade. Much of what Brian writes about is reaching out and “Becoming” yourself by becoming part of your community and becoming something for other people (I think that’s a fair way of putting it).

Drôle de vie- Funny life

Tout ce qui brille – Ma drôle de vie  

During all afternoon I have been looking for the french movie “Tout ce qui brille” (everything that sparkles) but no luck in downloading it. The only thing I finally found to satisfy my craving for some nice fresh french comedy was the music video from the movie OST (see link above).

It made me in a nostalgic mood….Ah! That month of July spent in my hometown in Montpellier (south of France) with my best friend. 2 girls taking life one day at a time, having fun as the summer was going to be short and the separation near.

It was like a pilgrimage. How to be close again with a friend I haven’t seen for such a long time and wasn’t going to see for again a long time.

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